Ruins of the Salamis’ ancient city gymnasium. Photo by Nevilley.
Ruins of the city of Salamis’ ancient gymnasium

a city on the east coast of Cyprus (Acts 13:5), where Paul and Barnabas, on their first missionary journey, land and preached the Word in one of the Jewish synagogues, of which there seem to have been several in that place

From there Paul and Barnabas went further on the island where Barnabas was born. Tradition says that Baranabas was eventually stoned to death (61 A.D.) at this city. There is today a monastery there named after him which claims to hold his remains.

Map by Evil berry (Netherlands), 2007.
map of the island of Cyprus (click to enlarge)

The city is less than 4 miles north of the city of Famagusta, modern Cyprus’ 4th largest city and deepest harbor.

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