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Meaning: apple or apple place

This was the name of 5 places in the Bible…

  1. Tappuah of Judah

    Tappuah, a town in the valley or lowland of Judah

    This was formerly a royal city of the Canaanites (Joshua 12:17; 15:34).

  2. Tappuah of Ephraim

    This was a town or city on the border of Ephraim (Joshua 16:8; 17:8).

    Modern Kfar Tapuach, Israel, is located near the archaeological site of Tapuach (Tappuah or Tapuah). Kfar Tapuach means apple-village.

  3. The land of Tappuah

    The land of Tappuah fell to Manasseh, but the “city” to the Tribe of Ephraim.

    “The land of Tappuah belonged to Manasseh, but Tappuah on the border of Manasseh belonged to the sons of Ephraim.” —Joshua 17:8 NASB

  4. En-tappuah

    This means the well of the apple and probably refers to one of the springs near Yassuf (Joshua 17:7.

  5. Beth-tappuah

    This is a city of the Tribe of Judah.

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Article Version: September 29, 2021