Twin babies. Photographer: Hanna Mariah. Copyrighted. Licensed (dp: 70105629)

twins in the Bible

The first two twins mentioned in the Bible are Jacob and Esau, children of Isaac (son of the patriarch Abraham) and his wife Rebekah (Rebecca).

Zerah (Zarah/Zara) and Perez (Pharez/Phares) were the twin sons of Judah and Tamar.

The masculine noun תאם (Tôm) occurs throughout Semitic languages and always means “twin”.

In the New Testament, John 11:16 says that the Apostle Thomas was called Didymus, which means “the twin”.

Greek: Δίδυμος —transliteration: Didymus or Didumos —meaning: twin

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Article Version: April 10, 2024