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Dinosaurs: before and after the Flood

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Dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden

Dino in Water. Copyrighted Films for Christ.In the original Creation dinosaurs were certainly not vicious or troublesome. When God finished making the animals He said they were all “very good.” What colors were they? How different are the skeletons of dinosaurs we find killed by the Flood and those first dinosaurs created by God? Unfortunately, no one knows what Man or dinosaurs (or any other animals) really looked like when God created them long ago.

Originally, dinosaurs must have been harmless—designed to delight man and benefit the world, just like all the other animals. When first created, all dinosaurs ate only plants and fruits.

Dinosaurs in the world after the Flood

leaf After the Flood, dinosaurs and all other animals were made to be afraid of people (Genesis 9:2). Animals stayed away from people if they could. They were no longer as trusting and obedient. God probably did this to protect both animals and people in the world after the Flood. Dinosaurs and Man probably lived in their own separate areas--just like people and large, wild animals do today.

The fossil bones, teeth and stomach contents of many large dinosaurs killed during the Flood have been found. So far, it appears that most dinosaurs were still harmless plant-eaters at that time—many hundreds of years after the Fall. They were probably not much different in their ways than a giraffe or a elephant.

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