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Dino Questions and Answers
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Introductory Questions…
Triceratops. Copyrighted.
DEFINITION—What is a dinosaur? Answer

CLASSIFICATION—TYPES OF DINOSAURS—What are the different types of dinosaurs? How are dinosaurs classified (orders, suborders, infraorders)? Answer

DINOSAUR SPECIES—How many different species of dinosaurs are there? Answer

DINOSAUR NAMES—What are the names of the different dinosaurs? Answer

Cute Dinosaur Baby. Copyright 1996 by David Martin. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission. Origins
ORIGIN—Where did the dinosaurs come from? Answer

WHY did God create dinosaurs? Answer

LIVING WITH DINOSAURS—What would it have been like to live with dinosaurs? Answer

Dead Dinosaur. Copyrighted by Films for Christ. Extinction
WHY did dinosaurs become EXTINCT? Answer

METEORITES AND ASTEROIDS—Were the dinosaurs killed by an impact from space? Answer

GIANT MARINE REPTILES—When did the giant marine reptiles become extinct? Answer

BEHEMOTH—Are dinosaurs mentioned in the BIBLE? audio included Answer

LEVIATHAN—What is the “leviathan” mentioned in the Bible? (sea monsters) audio included Answer

FLOOD—Why did God send the Flood? audio included Answer

NOAH’S ARK—Did Noah take dinosaurs on the Ark? audio included Answer

ARK’S CAPACITY—Could Noah’s Ark really hold all the animals preserved in the Flood? Answer

Does the Bible claim that Noah’s flood covered the entire Earth? Answer

FLOOD WATER—Where did the water for the worldwide flood come from? Answer

How could various animals get from the Ark to isolated places, such as Australia? Answer
Translations: Dutch/Nederlands

ETHNIC PEOPLE GROUPS—How could all ethnicities come from Noah, his three sons and their wives? Answer

Did Noah and the dinosaurs need oxygen tanks to breath when they were above the mountains? Answer

DINOSAURS AFTER THE FLOOD—Following the Flood, what happened to dinosaurs? Answer

MEAT AND VEGETABLES—Did animals eat meat before the flood? Answer

BEFORE & AFTER—What were dinosaurs like before and after the flood? Answer
Translations: Indonesian

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The Great Dinosaur Mystery
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Dinosaur Fossil Why is so little known about dinosaurs? Answer

DEFINITION—What are fossils? audio included Answer

TYPES OF FOSSILS—What kinds of dinosaur fossils have been found? audio included Answer

WRONG-HEADED DINOSAUR—Do paleontologists ever make mistakes with dinosaur fossils? (Brontosaurus) Answer

FOSSIL DIFFICULTIES—How much do we really know about dinosaurs? Why are fossils difficult to interpret? Answer

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The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure Amazing dino discoveries from the North Slope

ORIGIN OF FOSSILS—Where did most of the dinosaur fossils come from? audio included Answer

AGE OF DINOSAUR FOSSILS—Doesn’t it take millions of years for a dinosaur bone to become a fossil? audio included Answer

GOBI DESERT—How were the Chinese dinosaurs fossilized (sand storms or catastrophic flood)? Answer

DINO-BIRD—What about the new fossil “dinosaur-bird” discovery? Answer

BLOOD—Have blood cells ever been found in dinosaur fossils? Answer

EVOLUTION—What does the fossil record reveal about Evolution? Answer

HUMAN FOSSILS—If both dinosaurs and humans died in a global flood, where are all the human fossils? Answer

Life as a Dinosaur
Copyright 1996 by Julia Lacquement. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission. LIVING DINOSAURS—Are any dinosaurs alive today? audio included Answer

MEATEATERS—When did animals begin to kill and eat other animals? Answer

FEROCIOUS DINOSAURS—Were the dinosaurs ever really as ferocious as they are shown in books and films? audio included Answer

TYRANNOSAURS—What were they really like? Answer

TRICERATOPS—What were they really like? Answer

Did any dinosaurs ever become terrible and ferocious? Answer

Is there any connection between dinosaurs and dragons? audio included Answer

Interesting DRAGON STORIES from… audio included
France & EuropeItalyChinaIrelandAfrica & Arabia

Age of the Earth
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