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Introductory Questions…

Triceratops. Copyrighted.
  • DEFINITION—What is a dinosaur? Answer
  • CLASSIFICATION—TYPES OF DINOSAURS—What are the different types of dinosaurs? How are dinosaurs classified (orders, suborders, infraorders)? Answer
  • DINOSAUR SPECIES—How many different species of dinosaurs are there? Answer
  • DINOSAUR NAMES—What are the names of the different dinosaurs? Answer

Cute Dinosaur Baby. Copyright 1996 by David Martin. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.


  • ORIGIN—Where did the dinosaurs come from? Answer
  • WHY did God create dinosaurs? Answer
  • LIVING WITH DINOSAURS—What would it have been like to live with dinosaurs? Answer

Dead Dinosaur. Copyrighted by Films for Christ.


  • WHY did dinosaurs become EXTINCT? Answer
  • METEORITES AND ASTEROIDS—Were the dinosaurs killed by an impact from space? Answer
  • GIANT MARINE REPTILES—When did the giant marine reptiles become extinct? Answer


  • BEHEMOTH—Are dinosaurs mentioned in the BIBLE? Answer
  • LEVIATHAN—What is the “leviathan” mentioned in the Bible? (sea monsters) Answer
  • FLOOD—Why did God send the Flood? Answer
  • NOAH’S ARK—Did Noah take dinosaurs on the Ark? Answer
  • ARK’S CAPACITY—Could Noah’s Ark really hold all the animals preserved in the Flood? Answer
  • Does the Bible claim that Noah’s flood covered the entire Earth? Answer
  • FLOOD WATER—Where did the water for the worldwide flood come from? Answer
  • How could various animals get from the Ark to isolated places, such as Australia? Answer
  • ETHNIC PEOPLE GROUPS—How could all ethnicities come from Noah, his three sons and their wives? Answer
  • Did Noah and the dinosaurs need oxygen tanks to breath when they were above the mountains? Answer
  • DINOSAURS AFTER THE FLOOD—Following the Flood, what happened to dinosaurs? Answer
  • MEAT AND VEGETABLES—Did animals eat meat before the flood? Answer
  • BEFORE & AFTER—What were dinosaurs like before and after the flood? Answer
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Dinosaur Fossil
  • Why is so little known about dinosaurs? Answer
  • DEFINITION—What are fossils? Answer
  • TYPES OF FOSSILS—What kinds of dinosaur fossils have been found? Answer
  • WRONG-HEADED DINOSAUR—Do paleontologists ever make mistakes with dinosaur fossils? (Brontosaurus) Answer
  • FOSSIL DIFFICULTIES—How much do we really know about dinosaurs? Why are fossils difficult to interpret? Answer

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  • ORIGIN OF FOSSILS—Where did most of the dinosaur fossils come from? Answer
  • AGE OF DINOSAUR FOSSILS—Doesn’t it take millions of years for a dinosaur bone to become a fossil? Answer
  • GOBI DESERT—How were the Chinese dinosaurs fossilized (sand storms or catastrophic flood)? Answer
  • DINO-BIRD—What about the new fossil “dinosaur-bird” discovery? Answer
  • BLOOD—Have blood cells ever been found in dinosaur fossils? Answer
  • EVOLUTION—What does the fossil record reveal about Evolution? Answer
  • HUMAN FOSSILS—If both dinosaurs and humans died in a global flood, where are all the human fossils? Answer

Life as a Dinosaur

Copyright 1996 by Julia Lacquement. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.
  • LIVING DINOSAURS—Are any dinosaurs alive today? Answer
  • MEATEATERS—When did animals begin to kill and eat other animals? Answer
  • FEROCIOUS DINOSAURS—Were the dinosaurs ever really as ferocious as they are shown in books and films? Answer
  • TYRANNOSAURS—What were they really like? Answer
  • TRICERATOPS—What were they really like? Answer
  • Did any dinosaurs ever become terrible and ferocious? Answer


Age of the Earth

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