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Dragons and dinosaurs

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Is there any possible connection between dragons and dinosaurs?

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Ancient peoples all over the world have told of unusual, reptile-like creatures that once roamed the Earth. There were many different types, both large and small. And there were many different names for them. The ancient people of Europe called them “dragons.” Many ancient descriptions of dragons sound similar to dinosaurs.

The ancient, original “dragon” legends must have come from memories of dinosaurs. Scientists agree that legends are almost always based on facts, not just pure imagination. It cannot be an accident that so many separate peoples of the world tell such stories.

“Dragon” legends and pictures can be found in Africa, India, Europe, the Middle East, the Orient and every other part of the world. Dinosaur-like animals have been drawn, written about and told about since the beginning of recorded history.

Dragon. Copyright 1994 by George Barr. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission. Sometimes people in olden times made up scary or funny stories about these animals. This made the “dragons” and their hunters seem more special. Some of the stories really got wild and crazy.

Most of the dragon legends are full of exaggeration, magic and marvelous deeds. But this is not true of all of them. Many stories seem rather believable.

Did some of these storytellers see live dinosaurs? Which stories are based on real encounters? And which are merely fairy tales based on the stories of others? Will anyone ever know for sure?

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