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Dinosaur fate

After the Flood what happened to dinosaurs? (Part 2)

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After the Flood, many parts of the world became too harsh for the dinosaurs. No longer did the Earth have the same great forests of huge, nutritious plants. It would have been hard for the dinosaurs to locate enough food as they got bigger and bigger.

It was not just the dinosaurs that died off. Great numbers of creatures have become extinct in the thousands of years since the Flood. In the last 350 years alone, almost 400 species have disappeared. Today, some experts claim that one or more species of plants and animals may be lost every day. Most of the problem is caused by sinful and foolish human beings.

Orangutan in a zoo

Today, many animals are only being saved by zoos. Dinosaurs became extinct long before people worried about such things.

The Flood and the changes it caused in the environment are the main reason dinosaurs died off. However, sinful people may have caused dinosaur deaths in an even more direct way.

Wooly Mammoth. Copyrighted by Films for Christ.

Man has often been responsible for killing the last animals of a kind. The mammoths and mastodons were wiped out by hunters. It could be that in the ancient time, people also killed dinosaurs for meat or because of the problems these animals caused. Maybe some killing was done just for sport.

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