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Dinosaur fate

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After the Flood what happened to dinosaurs?

Bison mother with baby.When the Flood was over Noah opened the Ark’s big door and let the animals free. Babies were born to each set of parents. After many years, the Earth began to be filled with animals again.

The dinosaurs lived for at least a few centuries after the Flood, but probably never in the great numbers that there once had been. No one knows exactly when they finally died out.

How did the dinosaurs die out? Nobody knows. Copyrighted by Films for Christ.

After the Flood the Earth was a very different place. When Noah stepped off the ship, it must have felt like getting out on another planet. Nothing would have looked familiar. Most of the world was left covered with water. Seven out of every ten spots of the globe are still under water today.

Rocks and Boulders. All of the landmarks were destroyed. The Garden of Eden was gone forever. So was the whole land of Eden and every other land. Mud and rock were everywhere. Cold forbidding mountains stood where none had been before.

Earthquakes and volcanoes still continued to plague animals and man, even after the Flood was over--and still do today on a smaller scale.

Temperatures had become extreme. Some parts of the world got much hotter after the Flood. This eventually dried up all the water and left great deserts. Arid DesertIn other places, snow began to fall for the first time because of freezing cold. A short ice “age” followed the Flood in some parts of the world.

Harmful radiation from the sun (and space) probably came down in much larger doses after the Flood. The original world may have been protected from this radiation by a special atmosphere. The Earth’s air may have contained a much higher amount of water which kept the weather warmer and more pleasant. Before the Flood, plants were watered by rivers, underground springs and dew--instead of by rain.

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