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Noah’s Ark

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Did Noah take dinosaurs on the Ark?

Dinosaurs on the Ark. Copyrighted by Films for Christ.

The Bible does not list the names of every creature on the Ark. It does say that one set of every kind of air-breathing animal was on board (Genesis 6:19-20, 7:15-16). So, dinosaurs must have been included.

There is evidence that dinosaurs lived after the Flood. For instance, Job saw “behemoth” after the Flood. (Other evidences will be discussed later.)

Noah and the Animals. Copyrighted by Films for Christ. Scene from the motion picture, The World That Perished The Ark was a very large ship designed especially by God for its important purpose. It was so large and complex that it took Noah 120 years to build. Noah used this time to warn people about the Flood and convince them to turn to God and be saved with his family.

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