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Paul S. Taylor

Paul S. Taylor is a Bible and science writer and motion picture producer and distributor.

Over a period of two decades, he did extensive research and gave many lectures on the subject of dinosaurs and the Bible. His special interest in dinosaurs began in the late 1960s when he began helping in the discovery of many fossilized dinosaur tracks with his father, the late Stanley Taylor.

A graduate of Southern Illinois University, one of Mr. Taylor’s research interests has been the subject of Creation/Evolution. He has produced and directed various award-winning motion pictures on related topics including The World That Perished, ORIGINS: How the World Came to Be, The Genesis Solution and The Great Dinosaur Mystery.

Paul Taylor is the Executive Director of Films for Christ. He has been involved in media production for almost 50 years. He is the chief designer and editor for the popular Christian Answers Network Web site and various related sites. He is also an artist and photographer.

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