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How the World Came to Be

The most highly acclaimed and popular creation series ever!

Winner of the Best Films Series of the Year award, plus the Best Documentary Film of the Year award - Christian Film Distributors Association

Don’t allow the secular media and dogmatic evolutionist scientists to push you into believing as they do. Impressive degrees and a lifetime of “questioning” and “searching” are of no value - unless you’re looking in the right place! Here is the scientific evidence about origins - for Creation and against Evolution. And it’s all presented as beautifully as a National Geographic or PBS special. Your audience will love these six highly acclaimed productions, each of which strongly defends a different aspect of the Bible’s record.

  • Around-the-world photography
  • Special effects
  • Animation
  • Impressive, award-winning quality

Featuring 15 outstanding men of science, including the late Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith—popular international speaker, prolific author, fascinating and highly respected scholar and educator with THREE earned doctorates from prestigious universities.

  1. The Origin of the UniverseThe Origin of the Universe
      Did our universe result from a “Big Bang” or a Creator? The cosmos is degenerating into disorder—not evolving upward. / Demonstrates the impossibility of Evolution.

  2. The Earth, A Young Planet?The Earth, A Young Planet?
      Is Earth really billions of years old? / Exposes the errors and assumptions of popular age estimation methods / There is much scientific evidence that our Earth may be young!

  3. The Origin of LifeThe Origin of Life
      Did life begin by Evolution? Even the simplest cell could never evolve by natural processes / Leaves audiences in awe of the Creator’s power and wisdom!

  4. The Origin of SpeciesThe Origin of Species
      Are all creatures just branches on an Evolutionary tree? Can any natural process, including mutations, cause Evolution? Partially filmed in Darwin’s own home.

  5. The Origin of MankindThe Origin of Mankind
      Are there any apes in man’s ancestry? / Scientific evidence dispels this myth / Uncovers the mistakes, hoaxes, and misinformation about “missing links.”

  6. The Fossil RecordThe Fossil Record
      What do most fossils really prove? They support Creation and contradict Evolution. / Many geological formations, including the Grand Canyon, resulted from Noah’s flood.

Produced by Christian Answers (Eden Communications / Films for Christ) and EO

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“A powerful film series” Don’t miss it!
  —Josh McDowell, Author & Speaker

Also endorsed by: Dr. Tim LaHaye, Dr. Henry Morris, Ken Ham, Dr. John Whitcomb, Dr. John W. Alexander, plus thousands of pastors, teachers, parents and homeschoolers world-wide!

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