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What Is Creation Science?

Revised and Expanded!
by Henry M. Morris & Gary E. Parker

…throwing the breaks on the “evolution train.”

Many Christians are not aware that a growing number of legitimate scientists now embrace the Genesis explanation of origins. In What Is Creation Science, two of the most respected members of that group have given us the benefit of their knowledge: Dr. Henry Morris, who has served on the faculties of five universities, and Dr. Gary Parker, a former evolutionary biologist. Their findings throw the brakes on the “evolution train.”

This best-selling creationist book includes many extremely helpful charts and illustrations, plus an appendix of common questions and criticism, an excellent bibliography, and a very helpful and time-saving index of key words and subjects. A “must have” for anyone interested in the issue of creation vs. evolution!

(Published by Institute for Creation Research)


“If after reading this book carefully and reflecting on its arguments one still prefers the evolutionary view, or still contends that the creationist view is religion and the evolutionary view is pure science, he should ask himself whether something other than the facts of nature is influencing his thinking about origins.”
Dean H. Kenyon, Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University