Starlight and Time

Solving the Puzzle of Distant Starlight in a Young Universe

by D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D.

With this book, cosmology may no longer be an area of weakness in the creationist armor!

Physicist Russell Humphreys Ph.D. proposes an intriguing new answer to one of the most common questions facing creationists. The book upholds biblical inerrancy and the literal (young universe) reading of Genesis 1-2 while offering a new theory to explain the vastness of the universe using modern physics and astronomical data.

It not only contains an easy-to-read popular summary of this new cosmology, but also two technical papers which were very well received at the Third International Conference on Creationism.

Published by Master Books


“I have heard Creation-scientists attempt to solve this seemingly insurmountable problem for those who believe the bible’s account of a young world. However, until I read Dr. Russ Humphreys' new creationist cosmology as outlined in this book, I was not convinced of real progress towards a complete, scientifically satisfying framework…How exciting it is to see in this book such a God-honoring approach in a scientific discipline that has involved meticulous work (by a scientist well qualified in his field, with review by qualified peers in this area of front-line importance in the ‘battle for the Bible.’ Some traditional creationist concepts will be challenged as you read this, but we need to remember that scientific theories and models are always subject to change — the Word of God is not…”
   —Ken Ham, B.App.Sc., Dip. Ed., Answers In Genesis