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The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible

Revised Edition

by Paul S. Taylor

Let’s teach kids the truth about dinosaurs!

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Kids want to know where dinosaurs came from, and what happened to them. Their big questions about these amazing animals and the world in which they lived are answered in this outstanding, beautifully illustrated book. Discover the Biblical view of these marvelous beasts and the history of the earth. Answers questions not discussed in the film, such as: Where did dinosaurs come from? Why did they become extinct? Did dinosaurs go on the Ark? Includes a soul-winning message that is great for child evangelism!

(Published by David C. Cook and available in various languages)


“This is a wonderfully unique book. Children will find it a fascinating discussion of one of their favorite subject, while adults will appreciate its unusual new insights in the nature of these great animals of the past. Furthermore, the record of the dinosaurs is placed quite naturally into the Biblical record of recent Creation and worldwide Flood. Although it will prove delightfully enjoyable to the children for whom it was written, it is also a significant contribution to Biblical apologetics. I am glad to recommend it heartily to young and old alike.”
   —Henry M. Morris, Ph.D., President Emeritus, Institute for Creation Research