BACKCOVER of The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible

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The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible

by Paul S. Taylor

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Section 1:


Section 2:

Fossil Clues
  • Why Is So Little Known About Dinosaurs?
  • What Kinds of Dinosaur Fossils Have Been Found?
  • The Wrong-Headed Dinosaur
  • The Problem with Fossils

Section 3:

Where Did Dinosaurs Come From?
  • Are Dinosaurs in the Bible?
  • Why Did God Create Dinosaurs?
  • What Was Life With Dinosaurs Like, at First?

Section 4:

Why Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct?
  • Were the Dinosaurs Killed By a Meteorite?
  • Where Did Most of the Dinosaur Fossils Come From?

Section 5:

Doens’t It Take Millions of Years For a Dinosaur Bone To Become a Fossil?

Section 6:

Why Did God Send the Flood?

Section 7:

Did Noah Take Dinosaurs On Board the Ark?

Section 8:

After the Flood, What Happened to Dinosaurs?
  • Dragons and Dinosaurs
  • Are Any Dinosaurs Alive Today?

Section 9:

Dinosaurs and the Lost Paradise
  • Did Animals Eat Meat Before the Flood?
  • When Did Animals Begin to Kill and Eat Other Animals?
  • The Terrible Effects of Sinful Disobedience

Section 10:

Were the Dinosaurs Every Really as Ferocious as They Are Shown?
  • Dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden
  • Dinosaurs in the World After the Flood
  • What About the Tyrannosaurs?
  • What About Triceratops?
  • Did Any Dinosaurs Ever Become Terrible and Ferocious?

Dinosaurs and You: Important Things to Remember