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Front cover - The Great Dinosaur Mystery (DVD)
20 minutes
Children’s documentary
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All ages

Front cover
front cover

Front cover
front cover

“The Great Dinosaur Mystery”
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The Great Dinosaur Mystery

by Paul S. Taylor, Christian Answers Network

Is it true that dinosaurs disappeared millions of years before man? Let’s tell kids the truth about dinosaurs!

Finally, a motion picture about dinosaurs that leads youth away from evolutionism, instead of into it! This well-illustrated production reveals new perspectives on how dinosaurs properly fit into history. Fascinating to young and old alike! Counter-acts Evolutionary teaching, and provides evidence that Man and dinosaurs lived together, as confirmed by the Bible. Very popular!

Be sure to use Paul S. Taylor’s informative and beautifully illustrated book with this video. The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible contains much information (especially biblical) not discussed in the film.

Book cover

Have you seen this film’s popular COMPANION BOOKThe Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible? It provides much easy-to-understand information about how dinosaurs fit into God’s Word.

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DVD quality streaming video— “The Great Dinosaur Mystery”
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