Cover of The Fossil Record
32 minutes
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Teens & Adults

The Fossil Record

produced by Christian Answers (Eden Communications / Films for Christ) and EO

The fossil record is a huge embarrassment to Evolutionists. Here’s why!

What does the fossil record really prove? Do earth’s massive dinosaur graveyards and coalified vegetation beds point to a millions-of-years-old environment where only the fittest survived, or to a lost world completely erased by the just hand of a loving God?

This fast-moving documentary reveals thought-provoking discoveries related to the Grand Canyon, geology, fossilization, “missing links,” coal formation, a worldwide flood, and more. Ph.D. scientists reveal why the Earth’s fossil record actually provides more evidence against Evolutionism than for it. This film is part of the award-winning ORIGINS: How the World Came to Be series

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