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The Bible Has the Answer

by Henry Morris, Ph.D, and Martin E. Clark

The Bible is vital for solving the very real problems that people face today. Know what the Bible says about today’s most important questions!

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This 4th edition features concise, thoughtful answers to 155 of the most-asked questions concerning: personal salvation, the scientific accuracy and reliability of the Bible, the difficult doctrines of Scripture, and the principles of the Christian life. Several of the most popular questions & answers featured on the Christian Answers Network web site are adapted, by permission, from this excellent work. This book is a wonderful gift book for anyone who expresses questions about either the theology or practical Christian living guidelines of Scripture. An excellent graduation gift, or to give to new believers!

There are many questions today that demand answers in our daily lives; we can’t avoid them. After reading this book, you’ll clearly see answers to questions such as these, and others that affect our Christian walk: Will all men eventually be saved? How can I know God’s will? Is a Christian supposed to obey the government? Why did God create Satan? Is the end of the world near?