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The Bible Has the Answer

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by Henry Morris, Ph.D, and Martin E. Clark

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The Genesis Record

Weather and the Bible


Section 1:

The Word of God
2: The Fact of God
3: Jesus Christ
4: The Work of Christ
5: The Way of Salvation
6: The Bible and Science
7: Creation and Evolution
8: The Ancient World
9: Problems in Earth History
10: Sound Doctrine
11: Controversial Doctrines
12: The Church
13: Church Questions
14: The Life of Christ
15: Personal Spiritual Problems
16: Practical Christian Living
17: Christian Behavior Problems
18: Sin and Forgiveness
19: The Christian and Social Problems
20: The Christian and Government
21: Misunderstood Bible Characters
22: Christian Holidays
23: The Spirit World
24: Occultism and Mysticism
25: Things to Come
26: The Current Scene