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The Genesis Solution

produced by Christian Answers (Films for Christ)

How does Genesis relate to the “real world?” Does it matter whether one believes in Creation or Evolution?

This motion-picture has caused viewers worldwide to see and understand the Bible’s true position on this significant creation issue, with personal revival as the result! Its strong motivational effect is widely acclaimed by Christian leaders. Features Ken Ham, a native Australian with that “Down-under” wit & humor!

DVD quality streaming video— “The Genesis Solution”
45 minutes / Copyright © Films for Christ / Christian Answers Network. All Rights Reserved.
  • Provides Biblical solutions to family problems and social issues!

  • Clearly explains why believing in the literal accuracy of Genesis, the “book of beginnings” is so important!

  • Builds a foundational understanding of the Gospel message, rooted in Genesis.

Includes humorous and poignant animation sequences throughout


“Now, at last, a film exposes the root issue of the secular humanist world view… The Genesis Solution effectively presents the Genesis alternative and the difference it makes on our values and ultimately our world… Intensely practical for daily living — I heartily recommend this film.”
Dr. D. James Kennedy

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