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The Case for Creation

Featuring Dr. D. James Kennedy and numerous scientists

The Evolutionary establishment’s hold on public education has lied to us and our children! Know the facts…

Expert witnesses present a compelling summary of the scientific evidences for Creation (and against Evolution). Shot on-location in many different settings, including the historic courtroom of the “Scopes Monkey Trial,” this program summarizes the history of the Creation/Evolution debate in America from 1925 to present, and re-examines the most commonly perpetuated “evidences” for Evolution, in light of science, history, and law. Reveals the continuing repression of creation evidences, and major inaccuracies that continue to be taught to our children. Evolutionists would rather you did not know the truth!

Featuring - Dr. D. James Kennedy, author Ken Ham, Dr. Robert Gentry, Dr. Steven Austin, Dr. Charles Thaxton, Dr. Gary Parker, Dr. Walter Bradley, and others.

DVD quality streaming video— “The Case for Creation”

Produced by Coral Ridge Ministries, in cooperation with Christian Answers (Films for Christ)

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