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Teens & Adults

The Origin of Mankind

Is it true that our ancestors swung from trees millions of years ago?

Even before they enter school, children are taught via cartoons, comic strips, toys and children’s books that they evolved from ape-like creatures. They are programmed to believe that they are just a little higher on the evolutionary tree than “other” animals. This unbiblical worldview becomes so thoroughly reinforced that most young people, upon reaching the high school and college years, find it nearly impossible to think of earth history and man’s origin without thinking from within the confines of an evolutionary framework.

This important film dispels the widely propagated “ape-men” myth by uncovering the errors, hoaxes, and misinformation about the “missing links” in man’s ancestry. There is still no solid evidence that humans evolved from animals — that one species somehow transformed into a completely different species.

The facts of nature suggest that man existed from the beginning. The Bible demands it. Don’t allow the evolutionary worldview to compromise your judgement any longer!

This film is part of the award-winning ORIGINS: How the World Came to Be series.

Produced by Christian Answers (Eden Communications / Films for Christ) and EO

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