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Video is available, but book is currently out-of-print until further notice

The Genesis Solution

by Ken Ham & Paul S. Taylor

Be a more effective witness by understanding the origin of moral ills in today's society!

Genesis, “the book of beginnings,” has become one of the most overlooked and misunderstood books of the Bible. Christianity and evangelism have greatly suffered. Large numbers of twentieth-century believers no longer understand various important historical and doctrinal truths. Without this foundational knowledge, they are far less effective in dealing with family problems and crucial social issues. Christians must learn why Genesis is foundational to Christianity.

This book’s chapters on theistic evolution are worth the price alone! Also, expands upon and more fully explains key points from the film. LEADERS NOTE: This book is wonderful help for answering questions and leading discussions after showing the movie — or for sharing with fellow pastors and laypeople.

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