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What was life with dinosaurs like, at first?

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The first man and woman, Adam and Eve, were close friends of God. And they were masters over all His wonderful creatures (Genesis 1:26,28). Adam and his family were meant to enjoy the animals and rule over them forever with love.

Yummy fruit. In those first, early days the Earth was a beautiful paradise. Everything was happy and perfect--just as God intended. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have lived in those days? There were delicious fruits and plants of all types to eat. They were probably much better than the kinds available today.

Has the Garden of Eden ever been found? Answer

All of the animals were friendly and under man’s control. None of the animals ate meat or killed. God provided the plants and seeds with all the vitamins people and animals needed. There was no sin, no death or evil or disease.

MEAT AND VEGETABLES—Did animals eat meat before the flood? Answer

BEFORE & AFTER—What were dinosaurs like before and after the flood? Answer

MEATEATERS—When did animals begin to kill and eat other animals? Answer

FEROCIOUS DINOSAURS—Were the dinosaurs ever really as ferocious as they are shown in books and films? audio included Answer

TYRANNOSAURS—What were they really like? Answer

TRICERATOPS—What were they really like? Answer

Did any dinosaurs ever become terrible and ferocious? Answer

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