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The Great Dinosaur Mystery

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Long ago great creatures roamed our planet—DINOSAURS! What weird and wonderful animals they were—all different kinds, from giants to midgets. Today there remain MANY MYSTERIES to be solved about these marvelous animals. What did they really look like? Why did they die out? How do dinosaurs fit into history? What do their fossils tell about our planet? (…and a thousand other questions)

StegosaurusScientists have uncovered much exciting new information about dinosaurs. Answers are being found to questions that have puzzled people for years. More dinosaur fossils are being found in more places around the world than ever before. So much is NEW that many old beliefs about dinosaurs are being changed.

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Those people with an adventurous spirit would give almost anything to find a real, live dinosaur somewhere in the world. But, of course, mainstream scientists say that is impossible. Evolutionists have long conjectured that dinosaurs were part of a theoretical Great Age of the Reptiles about 200 million years ago. According to their theory, dinosaurs became extinct about 70 million years ago. And man did not evolve until about 4 million years ago. If this is true, no man could ever have seen a live dinosaur.

However, some new discoveries indicate that man and dinosaurs may have lived together in the not too distant past. Modern man may have to totally rethink theories of how these great creatures fit into the history of the human race.

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