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Dragons and you:
Important things to remember

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The Bible. Dinosaurs fit in perfectly with the Bible’s record of history. Dinosaur-like animals are even mentioned in the Bible.

Creation. These wonderful creatures did not evolve from reptiles or amphibians. God created them perfectly finished. Today we can only guess what dinosaurs were really like in that sinless paradise of long ago.

The Creator. God’s Son, Jesus Christ, created the dinosaurs, the stars, and you (John 1:1-3). Since He made us, He owns us. He has the right to tell us what to do and how to live. God is the wisest and most loving being in the universe.

The Fall. Although everything God created was perfect, Adam and Eve chose to disobey God. Their choice brought death as a punishment for sin (Rom. 5:12).

Disobedience. All people have disobeyed God. Everyone has sinned, young and old (Rom. 3:23).

Sin Always Brings Pain. Adam’s body was more perfect than ours today. He lived for 930 years before he died (Genesis 5:5). During his long life, Adam saw many sad changes in the living things under his control. Nothing was as perfect and wonderful as when God created things (animals, plants, people or dinosaurs). In the years after Adam’s death, things continued to grow worse. By the time of Noah, the whole world was full of terrible sins and problems.

The Flood. Dinosaurs fossils are reminders of the Great Flood when huge numbers of dinosaurs and millions of other animals were buried throughout the world.

God Punishes Sin. The Flood reminds us of God’s punishment for sin--death.

God’s Love. Jesus loves us more than we can understand. The Creator came down to this world He made and became a human being. He became the first person to ever live a perfect life without sin. Jesus did this so that He could die for Adam’s sins and yours. He took the punishment for our sins--the penalty we deserve.

Forgiveness and Eternal Life. His amazing sacrifice can cover up each wrong we have done, so that God will forget them forever—even our worst sins. Then when we die, Jesus will welcome us to live forever with Him.

Creation will be perfect again. Jesus has something wonderful planned for those who are truly sorry for their sins and thankfully accept His gift of eternal life. God has promised to one day restore the Earth to the perfect, beautiful place it once was. The world will be the way God meant it to be.

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There will be no death, suffering or evil. It will be a world full of love, beauty, peace and fun. God will be in charge.

The animals will be as harmless and perfect as when they were first made (Isaiah 11:6-9). We will see the dinosaurs (and all extinct animals) in the way God intended, not as dead bones, but as beautiful living creations designed for our enjoyment. And Man will once again be able to rule with love and wisdom over all the animals, even the dinosaurs.

The Decision is Yours. Don’t be like the people at the time of the Flood that died in their sins. You can escape the punishment you deserve. By turning to Jesus, you can be forgiven and one day live forever in Paradise. There is nothing that you can do to save yourself. Only Jesus can save you.

Just believe Jesus and ask Him to forgive your sins. Thank Him for His love and ask Jesus to come into your life forever.

If you haven’t done this yet, why not do it today? There is no better decision anyone can make.

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