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The Wrong Headed Dinosaur

Copyrighted by Films for Christ—BrontosaurusSometimes paleontologists make mistakes with dinosaur fossils. You have probably heard of the great Brontosaurus (BRAHN-toe SOR-us). This is the dinosaur most people know best. Millions have seen it in books and advertising. Unfortunately, the Brontosaurus never really existed—even though it was pictured in almost every dinosaur book and museum for the last hundred years.

skulls. Copyrighted by Films for Christ.The dinosaur was discovered with the head missing. To make the skeleton complete, a scientist added a skull found three or four miles away. But no one else knew this. The skeleton actually belonged to a type of Diplodocus (Dip-LAHD-oh-kuss). The skull was from an Apatosaurus. (Ah-PAT-oh-SOR-us)

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