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“Dragons” in the Sea

Dragon in the Sea. Copyright 1996 by Julia Lacquement. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

Like fish, some of the great reptiles of the sea could have lived through the Flood without being taken in to the Ark. Noah was told to protect land-dwelling animals and birds, not fish and other creatures that could survive in the floodwaters.

An ancient Hebrew legend says that the only animals to survive the Flood, besides those on the Ark, were “the giant og, the monster reem and the fishes.” The word “og” means gigantic and long necked--a good description of the big plesiosaurs (PLEE-see-o-SORS).

In every part of the world, ships have made reports of animals like this and other types of unknown creatures. Most scientists agree there are probably many more sea creatures to be discovered. Man knows more about the surface of the moon than he does about life in the world’s great oceans. There is more sworn evidence for “sea monsters” than would be needed to prove any ordinary case in the court of law.

The Navy ship U.S.S. Stein tangled with such a creature on its way to track submarines near South America. When its sonar equipment suddenly stopped working, the captain headed the ship back for repairs at the Long Beach Naval Dockyard. When the tough underwater sonar dome was examined in dry dock the crew found a big surprise. The rubber covering that protects the dome was torn and battered with dozens of big gouges. Hundreds of sharp, hollow teeth (or claws) were broken off in the covering. Some were longer than a inch.

It looked as if some sea creature had been attracted to the underwater sound of the sonar and tried to bite it and break it. Naval Oceans Center made a decision. The animal “must have been extremely large and of species still unknown to science.”

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