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Sin of the Flesh

—by anonymous male, age 56

“What a relief to see that other people are suffering with this terrible sexual addiction like myself.”

I am a new Christian and smoking and drinking were not a problem to give up, but this monster has been a part of my life for 51 years as a result of incest. I was too ashamed to take it to the Lord (as if He didn’t know about it).

After reading the story from the 20 year old man, I have the courage to seek God’s face and forgiveness and healing.

Masturbation is a sin of the flesh and I never really put it in the sin category until reading the postings. Thank you for posting the stories on masturbation as they have helped me to see a way out that was not there before.

God is faithful and His Word is powerful. His Spirit in me will help me to be delivered from this terrible addiction. It just frees me up to know that it is an addiction, and I never realized it before even though I knew it was wrong.

The road to recovery is just a prayer away starting with repentance.

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