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See the rain forest move!

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Toucan in the rain forest

Take a journey through the rain forest…

There's danger in the bushes. You spy a hungry tiger eating (avi/405k), and hope he doesn't want you for his dessert.

Nearby, you notice a colorful toucan busily cleaning his beak (avi/454k).

To get your bearings, you check out what the Amazon looks like from the Space Shuttle (photo/65k), and then begin your adventure by floating down the Amazon River(avi/875k)

Copyright, Films for Christ.
Why is this tiger licking his lips? Is he hungry?

Copyright, Films for Christ
Lynx in forest

The rainforest is full of all different types of plants (avi/615k) and animals.

Look! An ocelot (avi/516k) caught a fish!

The river (avi/546k) may look nice and peaceful, but don't be fooled. There are lots of crocodiles (avi/442) around…

What's that sound in the trees? Monkeys (avi/1mb), but be careful, there's a scary green snake in there, too. (avi/501k)!

Any idea what this is? (avi/541k)

Tropical fish More cool clips…

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