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“Beloved Enemy”

“Beloved Enemy” is the story of a agnostic Ph.D. scientist’s honest, but very skeptical, search for truth. The action flows from ski slopes to jungles and involves his relationship with a Christian woman (a doctor) who refuses to marry him, despite their love. This is due to her desire to obey God’s Word about refusing to marry a non-believer—becoming “unequally yoked.” She agrees to his challenge to relinquish if his research proves Christ is not the Messiah and did not rise from the dead.
Length: 90 minutes • Copyright © Christian Answers, Films for Christ. All Rights Reserved.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ—questions and answersQuestions and Answers about the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ: His Identity, Life, Death and ResurrectionLearn more — Answers to all the most frequently asked questions about Christ. Examine the evidence for his divinity, miracles and claims.

Archaeology and the BibleArchaeology and the Bible — Our team of experts answers your questions about archaeological evidence and the Bible.

Is Jesus Christ the answer to your questions?Is Jesus Christ the answer to your questions? Searching for the truth? Discover reliable answers about God, yourself, and the big questions of life.

“The World That Perished”

The Genesis flood is not a fairytale! It really happened. This award-winning documentary reveals the world’s most awesome catastrophe, bringing to light the scientific and historic evidence that God’s judgment in the days of Noah was real and global. Discover fascinating facts and the planet-changing nature of the Flood. More information
Length: 33 minutes • Copyright © Christian Answers, Films for Christ. All Rights Reserved.

Creation SuperLibrary.comLearn more about the WORLDWIDE FLOOD in our Creation SuperLibrary section — questions answered by science experts

“The Great Dinosaur Mystery”

Did dinosaurs really become extinct millions of years before the existence of humans? — More information
Length: 19 minutes • Copyright © Christian Answers, Films for Christ. All Rights Reserved.

Learn more in our The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible - questions answered“Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible” section

“The Genesis Solution”

This film has helped viewers worldwide to understand the Bible’s true position on the issue of Creation versus Evolutionism. Its strong motivational effect is widely acclaimed by Christian leaders. It features Ken Ham, a native Australian with “down-under” wit and humor.
Length: 45 minutes • Copyright © Christian Answers, Films for Christ. All Rights Reserved.

God’s redemptive story from beginning to end
Video by Mars Hill Productions
75 minutes

Discover God’s promise for all people—told beautifully and clearly from the beginning. Discover The HOPE!

Learn more about…

“A Question of Origins”

The molecules-to-man theory has no direct evidence to support it. This film exposes the blind speculation and Evolutionism bias in three areas of science: Cosmology, Chemistry and Biology. Did the Solar System evolve out of the Big Bang? Can chemical compounds spontaneously evolve into life? Does evolution explain the great variety of life on Earth?
Produced by Eternal Productions
Length: 60 minutes • Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.

Creation Super LibraryLearn more. Browse our Creation SuperLibrary, provided by a top team of experts from various respected Creation science organizations who answer your questions on a wide variety of relevant topics.

“We Challenge All Evolutionists to Watch This Video”

In this video, Calvin Smith takes a deep dive into the amazing kinesin protein. Unfortunately, Evolutionists will claim that this protein is the result of chance, but if you take the time to listen to the experts who have researched this topic, this video will change your mind.
Video by Answers in Genesis Canada
Length: 23 minutes

“Can We Trust the Bible?”

Mark Spence —“The most common objection I hear concerning the Bible is that it can’t be trusted as God’s Word because, well, it was written by man and everyone knows men make mistakes. In actuality, the Bible was written through men, by God…”
Video by Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
Length: 4 minutes

“6 Reasons We Should Read Genesis Like Jesus”

Todd Friel
Video by Wretched
Length: 7 minutes

“Evidence That King David’s Descendants Survived In Exile”

Joel P. Kramer, Christian archaeologist and author, describes the importance of The Ration Tablets discovered in the ruins of Babylon. When Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem, it appeared that King David’s descendants had not survived. However, during excavations of Babylon in 1903, archaeologist Robert Koldewey discovered an inscription mentioning the King of Judah. This find proved to be archaeological evidence demonstrating that David’s royal line lived through exile, which was necessary for God’s promise to be fulfilled that the Messiah would come from the House of David.
Video by Expedition Bible
Length: 15 minutes

“Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible”

Video by Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
Length: 29 minutes

“Ex-Atheist Blown Away by the Gospel”

Ray Comfort speaks with an ex-atheist and shares with him the raw, biblical gospel. His reaction is pretty remarkable.
Video by Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
Length: 12 minutes
The Jesus Film

Jesus—the film

award-winning and the most textually accurate feature film about Christ
127 minutes

Jesus Christ: His Identity, Life, Death andResurrectionLearn more about JESUS CHRIST, the Promised One of God—Answers to frequently-asked-questions

Is Jesus Christ the answer to your questions?Discover the good news that Jesus Christ offers

“Dangerous Journey”

by Yorkshire Television
Length: 2 hr. 9 min.

“UNpopular: The Movie”

Length: 29 minutes

“Billie Eilish Reveals How Porn Destroyed Her Mind”

Famous singer and songwriter Billy Eilish has made headlines recently for her shocking claims against porn use. While certainly commendable, Ray Comfort explains why it won’t actually lead to any real lasting change, because it misses the main reason why people should avoid porn. He then shares the gospel with two young men who admit to using porn.
Video by Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
Length: 16 minutes

Sex, Love and RelationshipsLearn how to make your love the best it can be. Christian answers to questions about sex, marriage, sexual addictions, and more. Valuable resources for Christian couples, singles and pastors.

“The Power and Message of the Cross!”

“The foolishness of the cross is the wisdom of God and the wisdom of God is powerful in its impact.” —Alistair Begg
Video by Apologia Bros
Length: 16 minutes

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