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I’ve never seen God, but I will some day. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. I hope you are, too. I'm anxious to see what God looks like.

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Of course, I can already tell a lot about Him from looking at the wonderful world He created. The Bible tells us even more about Him.

God is awesome in so many ways!

  • He is far smarter than all the scientists and teachers in the world put together.

  • He can see everything. He knows everything—even what will happen in the future!

  • He is far more powerful than anyone or anything in the entire universe! There is nothing more amazing than God!

  • And God is pure; there is no sin in Him. He is Holy.

    But human beings are full of shameful sinfulness. When God first made the world, there was no sin. Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, were created pure and clean—sinless. God walked with Adam in the Garden of Eden. Adam could look at God’s face and enjoy being with Him everyday.

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    But then, Adam and Eve did a terrible thing; they disobeyed God. So did their children after they were born. You and I are Adam and Eve’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great… grandchildren, and we are full of sin, too.

    Sin is the cause of all the bad troubles and suffering in our world.

    Sin is a terrible, terrible thing. Because of our sins we are separated from God. He is clean and pure and Holy; human beings are polluted and stained with sin.

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