Reviewed By: David Cady

Computer Platform: Nintendo 64
Produced by: Nintendo
Price Range: $55-65
Learning curve time: 30 mins.
Age level: 10+
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Patches / Upgrades: None
System Requirements: Expansion Pak

Genre: Roleplaying Game (RPG)
Christian Rating: 4 of 5
   (slightly offensive)
Gameplay: 5 of 5
Violence: 4 of 5
   (barely present)
Adult Content: 5 of 5

Box art for 'The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask'

One day, while riding your horse Epona, you are attacked by a masked stranger. He steals your horse and Ocarina and enters a dark cave. You follow him and fall down a dark portal that leads you to the mystical world of Termina. The stranger has left behind a fairy that agrees to aid you in your journey. You meet a traveling mask salesman, who you agree with to get back the mask that the stranger has stolen. You realize once you step into this new land that the moon is falling, and you will only have 72 hours to complete your quest. Luckily, by playing a song on your Ocarina, you can travel back in time to start over again.

The gameplay is absolutely incredible. The storyline is wonderful. You feel for the characters as you continue onward. The control setup is the same as "Ocarina of Time", yet there are some minor improvements which make this game all the more better. The graphics are astounding, although an expansion pak is needed for play; it really enhances the graphics much better than its predecessor does. The sound is epic: Zelda fans will notice that the Zelda Overture is back (absent in "Ocarina of Time"). There are only four temples in this game compared to the eightt in "Ocarina of Time". You will need to collect 15 stray fairies in each temple to get the Great Fairies' new power (instead of just finding her temple so she can grant you new abilities). The temples are well thought out and require some thinking to decipher. Side-Quests are also a very big part of "Majora's Mask"; some are needed to be completed for the "perfect game".

The biggest feature that this game boasts is three masks, which allows Link to change his figure. The Deku mask, which will turn him into a Deku shrub, can shoot bubbles and fly out of flower pods. The Zora mask will allow Link to swim underwater, new attacks, and play the guitar instead of the Ocarina. The Goron mask will turn Link into the mighty Darunia, who can roll on the ground, throw mean punches, and play the bongos. There are 24 masks to collect in all. Not all are needed to finish but it is fun to collect them. This game boasts many new features that “Ocarina of Time” did not. The game explodes with quests and adventures. There are hours of gameplay that do not even need to be completed to win the game. Overall this game is a notch above "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time".

The game does have a darker feel than the original, though I believe that it has improved in its morals. There is magic used, but not magic by witches or sorcerers. It is only used to increase your sword attack or a new arrow attack. The violence is at a minimal; there is no blood. You just fight against creatures, like giant spiders, or fish; no human harm is done. This game does teach perseverance, hard work, and compassion.

I believe that this game is one of the best I have ever played. The graphics and gameplay keep you hooked until the end. It provides hours of fun, without the usual blood and violence that is too often present in video games. This game is fun for people 12 to 40.

Year of Release—2000

Comments from Young People…

First I will name some downs to the game: There is a little magic, but not as much as Ocarina of Time, and a “goddess of time” is mentioned but I don't think I heard anyone going around and glorifying or worshipping any idols. There are templeds with spirits trapped in them and the last thing I'm going to mention is the "Fierce Diety mask". But if you're not an observant person, you might not notice some of those things. Some of the ups: You do get to help plenty of people in this game, no cussing or blood. The graphics seemed pretty smooth and the controls were easy too.
   —Cynthia, age 12

I agree with the other reviewer's, though I only had access to the game long enough to get the boss key in the last temple. Magic is arrows, fire, ice, and light, and the spinning sword attack. Anyway, as a note to the person who mentioned Zelda only appearing once in a game named after her, it's because in Japan, this game was called Zelda: Gaiden. Gaiden means sidestory so this game wasn't meant to follow the usual plot. My Ratings: [4/5]
   —Rachel, age 16

This game was really easy. The other Zelda was longer and harder but this Zelda is a lot darker. This game also scared my 7 year old brother. The first game has some blood in it (when you beat Ganandwarf and Ganan) and this game dosen't. This game had a lot better game play than the others that is what I liked about this game. The thing I don't get is this game's title is Zelda when Zelda only appears once. Well that's what I have to say about this. My Ratings: [4/5]
   —Kyle Nybo, age 13

I always loved the Zelda Games, and this one rocked! My Mom and I used to play the SNES Zelda, A link to the past. I HAVE BEATEN MAJORAS MASK. there is nothing objectional. Some parents who do not allow ANY violence whatsoever might think it is violent. This game isn't as violent as Ocarina of time though. I would recommend this game for kids 8 and up, because some of the bosses might scare them, like the first boss is a giant tribal Indian that has to sharp knives and sends insects at you, like swarms of moths and some half your size. This game is very confusing at times. I think the best thing about this game is you get to put on a mask so you can become a Deku Scrub, a goron hero, or the Indigo-Gos guitar playing zora (half dolphin, half human) Out of all this game ROCKED! The story isn't as interesting as Ocarina Of time's, but the graphics and gameplay is almost better. BEFORE U PLAY THIS PLAY OCARINA OF TIME, and u will enjoy it a lot more. No blood, no nudity, no foul language (even though they don't “talk” you read what they say.) I got this game for Christmas, and played it almost every day for a week and a half then I beat it. I rate this game 98/100 because no game can compete with my all-time favorite "Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". This Game rocks! Go buy it or rent it! My Ratings: [5/5]
   —Brad Eggerton, age 13

I think this game is GREAT it's one of the BEST. There is some magic involved but it helps you to win the game. The magic only helps your bow get stronger and your sword more powerful. There are goddesses mentioned in the game but people DO NOT run around praising them. I would recommend this game to 7 years old and up because it's hard and can get frustrating. There are NO blood and guts in this game. When you hit something with your sword or arrow etc. it flashes red. When you kill it it disappears and leaves stuff behind like rupees (money). My Ratings: [5/5]
   —c07645, age 10

I bought the prequel to this game (Ocarina of Time) and loved it, so I had to buy this game. The reviewer has done a very good job of looking over the game and yes, there is some magic involved, but it's just for making your bow and arrow more powerful or making your sword swing faster. As for violence goes, there is no blood, period. When enemies get hit they flash red and then disappear. No blood or guts. I do think it has a darker feel to the game than the prequel, but again it's just good against evil. And when you help people out, it goes well for you, so there is an incentive for compassion on people. For example, there is a hungry person stranded on a cliff on a snowy mountain and you bring him some food or bringing medicine to a sick relative of a shopkeeper. The game play is great, and the graphics are unbeatable. I would recommend this game to anyone, but it may be a little difficult for younger children. My Ratings: [5/5]
   —Nathan, age 13

I think kids 9 and up should like this game, the reason I don't recommend younger ages is because it is hard, and could really frustrate them. There is one part, the god of time, a false god, but is only mentioned once in the game, and it doesn't glorify the god (or goddess). The violence is not bad, the sword and bow and arrows is one thing he fights with, but no harm done to humans, only stuff like big fish and other creatures, such as ghosts and zombies spiders, bugs, and other imaginary craters. Now, I mean, even in the CHRONICLES Of NARNIA they used weapons, and the ghosts look like some purple clothed creature with a black face and a lantern. The zombies, named redeads look like a creature with a wooden mask. There are no sexual acts in the game. The only love is friendship, and two people that want to get married since they are engaged, nothing bad though.The great fairy is just like in Ocarina of Time. There are more morals in this story, and the magic is only for arrows and sword attacks. I think this is a well done game. There are witches, the same twins from Ocarina of Time, but they run shops in this game. There is a bar, but it is only a milk bar. The skull kid is not what you would think: he is an imaginary kid possessed by the mask, But that is all. Your fairy does rush you at the beginning, and the worst word is “brat”. There are spirits, but not evil or angel-like. I think it is a safe game though… My Ratings: [4/5]
   —Bryan F., age 13

…Although you use a sword to defeat enemies the battles are never graphic. As compared to games like Perfect Dark. You use your sword to hack at enemies and they disappear. There are also some magic elements to the game. This is limited to using masks to transform into different creatures and used for some items. A fairy can also also heal you. If you look past the somewhat objectionable elements and look more toward the story you will find out that it has a good moral ending. Any adult should feel safe letting there younger players play this game. Just as long as they explain the magic. Nintendo has done a great job in creating this game. The graphics are great. Some of the best seen on the Nintendo 64. The music is ranges from soothing to frantic. It always goes with what's happening. If you're in a battle, for instance, it goes from charming to downright fast. The controls are second nature. My Ratings: [3 / 5 / 4 / 4]
   —Marcus Sonsteby, age 16

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