Reviewed on PC


Reviewed By: Rick Casteel

Computer Platform: PC
Produced by: Interplay
Price Range: $35-45
Learning curve time: 30-45 mins.
Age level: 14+
ESRB Rating: Teen
System Requirements: 3d accelerator required, P2 233-300, 24-32 RAM, 500mb HD

Genre: Action/Adventure
Christian Rating: 3 of 5
   (some objectionable elements)
Gameplay: 5 of 5
Violence: 3 of 5
Adult Content: 5 of 5

Box art for 'MDK2'

"MDK2" is a sequel to a little known game from several years ago. The original was well received by the gaming press due to its unique visuals and perspective. It allowed the player to play in the third person, had great graphics and an interesting storyline.

Well, “MDK2” is living up to its predecessor's high marks as well as setting its own. “MDK2” puts the user in the comic book world of Kurt Hectic. Kurt is the reluctant hero from our first game who saved the world from alien threat through the use of a special coil suit constructed by a Dr. Fluke Hawkins. You see, Kurt is actually Dr. Hawkins' janitor. Being that Kurt lived with Dr. Hawkins on an orbiting space station when Earth was invaded, they were the only ones left to save it from certain destruction. When Kurt needed help at the end of game 1, Dr. Hawkins constructed a six armed, cigar chomping mutt named Max who was able to assist Kurt in defeating the aliens. Sound like a comic book? It should.

Screen shot from 'MDK2' The developers infused this great looking and fun to play action game with a hearty helping of humor and comic book prose. The aliens look and act funny; the cut scenes are introduced with pages from out of a comic, Kurt, Dr. Hawkins and Max trade humorous dialog and the art is a bright, over-the-top creation meant to look retro yet state-of-the-art in 3d acceleration. The game provides a lot of variety as the player takes turns as Kurt, Max and Dr. Hawkins on a rotating basis throughout the game. Each character has different skills and challenges in their levels. Kurt has a lot of dodging and snipping to do with the use of his specially constructed suit. The suit allows Kurt to float through the air on a “ribbon” chute, snipe antagonists from long distances and use a chain gun for up-close action.

Dr. Hawkins levels are more jumping and puzzle oriented. He has the ability to pick up and combine objects in his environment into silly weapons such as nuclear toasters that shoot exploding toast! Max's levels are typical run and gun experiences in that he has 4 arms you can fill up with weapons. And on his levels you will need them! He also has a special jet pack that helps him navigate around his environment. Usually you will have just enough fuel to complete Max's task at hand making the use of the pack challenging at best. The levels are huge and get very difficult as the game progresses, as do the end level enemies. Though there are “only” 10 levels, the scope of the game will keep the average gamer busy for some time.

Screen shot from 'MDK2' Keeping with the comic book nature of the game, the violence is cartoonish but there is a lot of it. Your only enemies are the aliens who squirt green goo when shot or blown up. The humor is not always in good taste but shouldn't surprise or offend your average teen. One of the bosses uses offensive hand gestures, and the alien drones seem to have constant flatulence. In the end level you do get sucked into the body of the last boss and have to shoot away his internal organs. Again, cartoonish but still somewhat higher on the “gross” scale. Some users claim “MDK” stands for "Murder, Death, Kill" (much too heavy for this fun game). However, the producers assure us the initials stand for "Max, Doctor Hawkins and Kurt."

No nudity or sexual situations were noted during the game. All in all, “MDK2” is a great game to add to a collection and helps you relate to Gershom in Exodus18:3 "for he said, I have been an alien in a strange land."

Year of Release—2000

A good game, I love the way they put the humor in it. The gameplay is great, and yes it's not an easy game. I sometimes read the walktrough when I'm stuck, but it doesn't put off the fun of playing it. Anyway, still there is always killing in a game. One thing which could not be separated from a game, but not a good thing to do as christian. My Ratings: [3/4]
   —Kocu, age 19

I had always thought that MDK stood for Murder, death, Kill as well. But I read the press release for the first game in the series and it originally stood for Max, Dr.hawkins, and Kurt…MDK. Although I have not finished the game, I do agree that it gets tougher as the game progresses. I have found myself at times reading the walkthroughs to help me when I get stuck. So far Kurt even had something that was puzzling to me. As for game play, I think it is great. The baddies are humorous and at times taunt you. But quick snipe will cure them of that. I did not play the first, but might pick it up after I complete this one. My Ratings: [4/5]
   —Chuck Bardsley, age 30

Comments from Young People…

I guess i'm the only one of this pack that wasn't a fan of this game. the graphics were great and so was the humour but neither of those (in my opinion) makes a good game. it was great at first, but it didn't take long for me to get sick of trying to hit ghostly bad guys that rip around to fast to even see! you also need a high quality video card and we don't have the latest (whichever that is). There is one level where you have to stand on a grate and then shoot a ball that is only there when you are on the grate otherwise it's not there! This put a very bad taste in my mouth and I didn't have to much of an appetite for this game after that happened, I don't mind games that require precise actions like that but I like it to make sense and I couldn't find any logical reason as to why the ball is only there when you are on the grate! I gave up at the last Max level were you are forced to run around an alien city searching for an exit (or entrance). The only thing that makes this a long game is the frustrating searching and annoying bad-guys and a badly-jumping doctor, not level-size. My Ratings: [3/2]
   —Caleb Thiessen, age 17

In the MDK 1 manual it says the game stands for “Mission Deliver Kindness” (a sarcastic joke referring to the “package” he will deliver by taking on the aliens). My Ratings: [4/4]
   —Rob Williams, age 16

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