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Reviewed By: Carole Stewart McDonnell

Computer Platform: PC, MAC
Produced by: Maxis
Price Range: $19-35
Learning curve time: 45 min.
Age level: 11+
ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults

Genre: Simulation
Christian Rating: 5 of 5
   (nothing offensive)
Gameplay: 4 of 5
Violence: 4 of 5
   (barely present)
Adult Content: 5 of 5

Ever wanted to become a building magnate? The games created by Maxis are goal games, games of cause and effect, where the proper and timely uses of money, and resources are the key to success. In “SimTower”, the young entrepreneur starts out on a journey to build a large skyscraper complete with a crowning tower, recycling center, and underground subway station. But the journey towards wealth and a viable city is fraught with danger and annoying set-backs. What happens if you build a sky-scraper full of offices? Sure, you get monthly rent. But a month is a long time to wait for income when your funds are depleted and elevators are so costly to run. And what about those condo-dwellers? Quick money to be sure but once they pay for their homes, that's it, no more income for you. And nothing but complaints about their office and restaurant neighbors. Not to mention the security needs, the occasional terrorist, and roaches and fires? It's all about money and planning.

Like most of the games from Maxis, (“SimCity”, “SimTown”, “SimAnt”, “SimFarm”, “SimIsle”, etc.) this game teaches a child more than how to be good stewards. It teaches them about the dynamics of a particular world. Most of the parables of our Lord Jesus are about the bad use of resources, lost coins, lost sheep, sown seed, hidden treasures, unused talents, leaven, seed growing secretly. The game will make a child think about the consequence of each choice. Not a bad foundation to lay a life on. However, like the story of the bad steward, it also shows how much energy we spend on building worldly mammon. Would that we spent as much energy storing up treasure in our heavenly mansions.

This game is one of the best Sim games. It is probably only second to the “SimCity” series. In fact, many gamers have found that they enjoy running a building more than they enjoy managing a city. This would all depend on the personality of the gamer. “SimTower” is an extremely fun game. This game was made years ago and is still a one of a kind. I have never before seen any game with such a clever concept to it. There is nothing morally wrong with this game at all. It isn't sending any message. If you are interested in getting this game, you could probably find it in the bargain bin in a department store such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, K-Mart, Office Max, etc. My Ratings: [5/5]
   —Mark Arndt, age 16

“SimTower” was one of Maxis' in-between games (in-between in regards to in-between SimCities.) At first, the gameplay quite fun, but once you've beat it, that's about it. Sure, you can come back and create towers differently and experiment, but after a while it becomes a bit, well, boring. If I were you, I would look around at "SimTower's" sequel, “Yoot's Tower” (named after the creator of the original game.) My Ratings: [5/3]
   —Aaron O., age 14

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