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Reviewed By: Caleb Thiessen

Computer Platform: GameBoy Advance (GBA)
Produced by: Sega
Price Range: $40
Learning curve time: 30 min.
Age level: 8+
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Genre: Puzzle/strategy
Christian Rating: 5 of 5
   (nothing offensive)
Gameplay: 5 of 5
Violence: 5 of 5
Adult Content: 5 of 5

Do names like “Tetris”, “Lemmings”, or “Bust-a-move” bring up memories of sitting in front of the screen for hours, then going to bed only to see falling blocks or other game objects in front of your eyes?

Screenshot from 'Chu Chu Rocket' If you answered yes, then you will probably have the same problem with "Chu Chu Rocket". I bought it more than a month ago and haven't gone for more than a day without playing it for any extensive period of time. One nice thing about “Chu Chu” is that you can pick up and play anytime. There's no rush to finish the level then save, and there isn't anything on this game that you can't just go back to as soon as you turn the gameboy on.

The story is like any other puzzle game story, if you can even call it a story. The game manual states: "In a far away time on a far away planet, there is a Space Port. This Space Port is inhabited by thousands of little ChuChus*. The things that ChuChus detest more than anything are KapuKapus**. The ChuChus lived happily until one day, when… The Space Port became infested with KapuKapu. The fate of the ChuChus is in your hands! The "ChuChu Rocket!" launch countdown has started!"
   * Space Mice, ** Space Cats

This is a highly addictive game. The main goal is to herd space mice into their rockets to escape the space cats. This is done by placing arrows all around the field.

Screenshot from 'Chu Chu Rocket' There are several game modes in "Chu Chu Rocket". Puzzle mode (the biggest mode of play) gives a limited amount of arrows from where you must find a way to the rocket. You are to use the arrows while making sure the mice don't hit the cats on the way AND keeping the cats out of the rockets. (This mode is my personal fave.) There is almost an infinite amount of levels here: 2600 altogether. 2500 of those were created by users all over the world that created them on the Dreamcast and then sent them via the Internet to SEGA, who then picked 2500 of the best. So you can be sure they were well picked and they are all VERY challenging.

Then there's Stage Challenge. This mode includes 25 levels where the player has all sorts of missions ranging from making the cats eat as many mice as possible. One goal is to try to capture 100 mice before 30 seconds is up. While this mode is enjoyable, it left me wanting more levels.

A Multiplayer mode allows for a 4-person Battle and Team battle. For this option, you are able to play against the computer, even choosing the difficulty level you wish the computer to use. It's an absolute blast to play. In playing with friend, you only need one gamepak. The team must work together to get as many mice as possible into their spaceship, while at the same time leading cats and kittens into their opponent's rocket.

Lastly, there is mode that encourages you to create levels for multiplayer, puzzle or even stage challenge playing. This mode, as well, is a lot of fun. The player can easily create great levels that are saved for future playing. You can even trade levels with a friend if they share the same game.

Another nice bonus is that you can create characters. Use a paint mode, edit the character's color, then cut and paste it to create 4 frames of animation! You cna then use the new character in gameplay! Both modes are simple to use and very well presented. There is absolutly nothing objectionable about “Chu Chu Rocket” if you've got the time to kill on this addictive game.

Year of Release—2001

Positive—This is a great GBA game that definitely makes bus and car trips a lot better. Endless amounts of single player puzzles (I'm talking about hundreds) and multiplayer mode makes this game worth the $40. You can have a 4 player game with just one cartridge and the only downside to that is a short data transfer time. The only thing I can think of that could be offensive is that the cats eat the mice, but that's really stretching it since the mice basically disappear into the cat, you don't see them being eaten. The gameplay is very addictive and fun. My Ratings: [5/5]
   —Andy, age 18

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