Reviewed on PS2


Reviewed By: Robin Tan

Computer Platform: PS2
Produced by: EA Sports
Price Range: $40-50
Learning curve time: under 1 hr.
Age level: 12+
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Genre: Sports
Christian Rating: 4 of 5
   (slightly offensive)
Gameplay: 5 of 5
Violence: 4 of 5
   (barely present)
Adult Content: 4 of 5
   (barely present)

When EA Sports released the snowboarding game “SSX” in 2000, it was viewed as setting a new platform and standard for video games, with its incredible gameplay, lifelike graphics and amazing controls.

Screenshot from 'SSX Tricky' Originally planned as a special edition for the winter, “SSX Tricky” expanded into a full-blown game with new courses, riders, music, and gameplay. With its improvements it may as well be the best extreme sports game ever made, only with “Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater 3” for competition.

“SSX Tricky” is a crazy and wild snowboarding game with loads of improved and challenging courses from the original “SSX” as well as two new ones, Alaska and Girabaldi. As a snowboarding game, the game is incredibly fun and deep with tons of tricks, runs, and bonuses. A hybrid mix of racing with stunts the board riders each have their own style, tricks, and attitude, which are extremely enjoyable to play and watch.

In terms of graphics, “SSX Tricky” is remarkable, with phenomenal weather effects and lighting. Landscapes and the riders are extremely detailed with all the speed and rush of the game. The frame rate slowdowns in “SSX” caused by the eye candy has been eliminated, giving the game a great feel.

EA Sports decided to use voice talents of certain celebrities such as David Arquette, Lucy Liu, Macy Gray and Oliver Platt. The voice-overs are good and funny, but can be extremely cheesy at times. The game?s soundtrack includes many dance and funky track by the likes of the Beastie Boys and Run-DMC.

Overall, “SSX Tricky” is one of the best games I?ve seen, with addictive gameplay, and killer graphics, this game is a sure winner. The only objectionable elements I found were the unrealistic gameplay and riders when falling down in the race. The secular hip-hop style music and cheesy one-liners (“Canadian girls kick butt!”) may offend some, but I found it acceptable. Other than that, “SSX Tricky” makes for a great game for anyone of any age and gender.

Year of Release—2001

Comments from Young People…

Positive—I really like the gameplay and the challenge. My Ratings: [4/5]
   —Alex, age 11

Positive—SSX Tricky is one of the best games out there. To be honest, I am not much of a snow boarding game fan, but SSX Tricky is a huge exception. The controls and gameplay are near perfect. The only thing about this game that wasn't great was the music, the characters voice overs make up for that part. I highly recommend this game for gamers of all ages. There are no suggestive themes that I can think of, and it is great fun.
   —Bob Jones, age 17

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