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Mr. and Mrs. Smith

MPA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPA) for sequences of violence, intense action, sexual content and brief strong language.

Reviewed by: Jonathan Rodriguez

Moral Rating: Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Adults Teens
Genre: Action Adventure Romance Thriller
Length: 1 hr. 55 min.
Year of Release: 2005
USA Release: June 10, 2005
DVD: November 29, 2005
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You’d probably have to have lived underneath a boulder for the past six months not to know anything about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s new film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” We have been bombarded by previews for months, seen their faces on the covers of magazines, and even had to endure network news stories about their private lives. Finally, the film that started it all is out, so maybe some of the nonsense that has preceded it will die down.

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith” are John and Jane Smith, ruthless assassins who met while “vacationing” in Columbia. Sparks fly at first encounter, the obligatory first night sex occurs, and soon enough they are married. The marriage, of course, appears normal on the outside, and we suppose appears normal to them, neither suspecting that the other is a killer working for separate bosses.

Fast forward “five or six years” and the couple is living in a lavish New York home, but both have become rather bored with each other, and their dinner conversations consist of fighting over who should pass the salt. Their cover is blown when both are sent by their employers to eliminate a target somewhere in the desert of the Southwest. They recognize each other, and then race home to plan how they are going to kill each other.

Naturally, they can’t just talk about, at least not with each other. They toy with their spouse’s emotions, and their own, trying to convince themselves that they never were in love to begin with, so killing their spouse now would simply be another job. After warning each other to just leave town and never come back (which of course they don’t do), they have an old-fashioned shoot out in their very own home, which may have been just what their marriage needed to regain it’s spark.

The first half of the movie is funny, and we can keep ourselves amused watching the chemistry of the stars. The film runs out of ammo after the big shootout in the house. After that, there are a few more action scenes that we could have done without, and more talking that really doesn’t help the story. For the last 45 minutes or so, I found myself wondering when it would finally end. Maybe I have been spoiled by other movies, but I generally expect the big action scenes to come at the end. I imagine though that more people will enjoy this film, than not, and will choose to ignore its flaws, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

As for details about the film’s content …Judging from the previews, I was concerned that I would have a lot to write about, but it wasn’t nearly as offensive as I had anticipated. There is some occasional language (S-words, and a few others), and profane uses of the name Jesus. We know they have sex on the fist night they meet, but we basically see the before and after; then later we see them go at it before sex. We see Jane in some skimpy outfits throughout and donning S and M gear during one brief scene you’ve probably seen hinted at during previews. There are some sexual jokes and comments, and then some that sound like they are, but aren’t.

And, of course, there is violence; they are assassins. Car chases, punching, kicking, shootings, stabbings, and bomb blasts—all the usual material we’ve come to expect from this genre, but most of the scenes in this film are played for laughs.

The film film is aimed at older teens and adults, but parents should as always look into whether this film is appropriate for their children before sending them off to the theater.

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith” was created mainly for us to see Pitt and Jolie interact with each other for about two hours. For me, it is a movie I could have done without.

Violence: Heavy / Profanity: Moderate / Sex/nudity: Moderate

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Positive—Knowing this movie was from the director of the Bourne Identity I knew I would not be disappointed action and story-wise. I was right, it was nice to see both humor and action mix so well. Negative aspects were the language, (1 F-word that I could recall and a few others misc.), plenty of shoot-em-up action, of course, if you’ve seen the previews. And a few scenes of sensuality, no nudity, however. Overall, I’d recommend this movie… awesome action scenes, good plot. I and the rest of the audience at the theatre were laughing out load.
My Ratings: Average/4
Andrew, age 23
Positive—…by no means is this anything that we haven’t seen on TV a billion times. I would recommend it to anyone 16 and over. However, with all of that set aside, this is one of the cleaner action movies that you are going to come across. The acting was good, I found Brad Pitt to be pretty awesome as usual, and Jolie held her own as well. There were a lot of laughs and most of them were pretty clean. If you’re going to see this movie, go see it at the theater. This is way better than just a rental… It’s a real fun movie…
My Ratings: Better than Average/4½
Andy D, age 20
Positive—I have been waiting for this film for months and it paid off. It was very entertaining, and I loved the action. The story line was great and the actors did a fantastic job. I have been a fan of both Brad and Angelina, and it was great to finally see them in a film together. I would recommend this film for anyone who wants to have a good time.
My Ratings: Average/4½
Alejandra Orozco, age 22
Positive—…real good, and the acting was excellent and the profanity was not heavy… no nudity, but there was one scene where they were in the same room dressing, and you can see right through her half slip. I find that a offensive.
My Ratings: Average/4
Positive—Surprisingly, I enjoyed the film. I was going to see the third episode of Star Wars, but was in the mood for something more lighthearted. I was not disappointed. I had heard Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a parody of marriage, and took it for what it was. I thought there were a few cute moments, such as when Mrs. Smith’s colleague blew the breaks on Mr. Smith’s elevator; Mr. X looked genuinely disappointed and hurt. Another cute moment was when Mr. Smith accidentally shot at Mrs. Smith while he’s trying to get through the fence and Mrs. Smith’s look of incredulity. I was also pleasantly surprised at the sex scenes for their modesty, considering Angelina Jolie was in them. There was some language and several uses of the Lord’s name in vain, but overall I was not disappointed for spending the money.

One positive element was how Mr. and Mrs. Smith decide to stay together instead of parting to save their own lives. In the end they discovered that they would rather die together than live apart. They discovered they genuinely loved each other and that love was worth any peril. Violence aside, it’s surprising to see a pro-marriage movie come out of Hollywood, especially considering Hollywood’s history of matchmaking then tearing marriages apart. (And, yes I would consider this a pro-marriage movie due to the ending.)
My Ratings: Average/4
Judith Lamb, age 32
Positive—I thought this movie was good to compare married relationships that are on the verge of death. While they decided to show the characters as assassins trying to kill each other; in our real world there are couples who feel a similar way. Couples(married couples too) don’t communicate well, they have little secrets of their own, and so on. Although, christian couples(married ones as well) should be open in communication and have no secrets. Yet we are not all perfect. We all struggle in relationships. This movie I see as doing well to compare and contrast on different levels with action scenes.

Keep in mind this movie is a secular movie and I believe it rates so much more than any other recent action movie. I was amazed to see Pitt and Jolie communicating without saying anything. What I mean by this was their facial communication. You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, the same goes between the two of them. In saying all that, I was not pleased in hearing Jesus’ name taken in vain a few times. That was my only big concern along with a comment on how they feel after doing their job as assassins.
My Ratings: Better than Average/4½
Diana, age 23
Neutral—I have a healthy respect for marriage, but I also have a slightly sarcastic sense of humor, and the minute I saw the trailers for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I knew it was going to be the most fun I’d had in a movie theatre in months. I was right. While I and most of the rest of the audience in the theatre enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek story about two assassins facing domestic differences, I am also a little concerned with the overall message the film was attempting to portray: that it may be okay to hit the woman in your life, provided that she’s gunning for you first. That and that so many people were killed without thought was a little disconcerting.

If you have a morbid sense of humor, you will enjoy Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but if you’re concerned with the concept of a man and woman pitted against one another toward a brutal end, you may not want to invite them home.
My Ratings: Better than Average/4½
NeutralYawn!!! So predictable you can set you alarm clock and wake up when what you know will happen happens! This film is another, what I call DVD (use to be video) movie! Wait for the DVD to come out and if you still want to waste your time on it then you won’t be wasting your time since you waited! That’s all I really have about this movie. If you’ve seen the preview you’ve basically seen the movie!!! Wait for the DVD unless you just have to have the theater rush and overbuttered popcorn!
My Ratings: Average/3
Bob C, age 41
Neutral—Overall, I thought the acting was bland, the plot was shoddy, and the director obviously thought the audience would overlook that just because of the star factor of the main actors. It wasn’t exciting enough to be offensive. It tried so hard, with all the fighting and car chases and guns… But ultimately a movie can’t survive on adrenaline alone. From a christian point of view, I couldn’t see how anyone could walk away from this movie wanting to ban it or anything. There was hardly any nudity, hardly any cursing, and it has just about as much violence as your average shoot-em-up style video game. Maybe if Jollie and Pitt could have drummed up enough chemistry, I would have been moved enough to attention.
My Ratings: Good/1
Missy, age 21
Neutral—Mr. and Mrs. Smith are hitmen for government agencies, which means a lot of violence, especially towards the end—a lot of shooting and combat. Some sexual content and references, e.g., a man liking being whipped.
My Ratings: Offensive / 3½
Brian Mains, age 27
Negative—I always review my movies before going since learning of your Web site. This one I didn’t and went with my husband for a “date.” How offensive and upsetting this was tonight! The movie was filled with guns. Guns were fired over and over and I felt as if I were sitting in a “Terminator” movie and couldn’t wait for it to finish. I felt the actors were cast as the favorites for both male and females audiences to draw in the crowds and put Angolina with a gun and you’ll get every man interested! I left disgusted and just felt insulted and greatly offended by this movie. It’s definitely NOT a date movie, but more of a SINGLE guys night out movie!
My Ratings: Extremely Offensive/2
Katie, age 34
Negative—This was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Car chases, explosions and shoot-outs seem to take the place of having a real plot. My biggest complaint was with the husband and wife fight scene that takes place in their own home when the both are trying to kill each other. This is not some silly little slapstick fighting that could have gone on in a Carry Grant movie. This is all out shooting, punching and kicking that destroys the whole house. At one point Mrs. Smith is laying on the floor while Mr. Smith kicks her over and over as hard as he can. The audience (mainly teens and young 20s) laughs with every kick and punch. I don’t understand how that level of violence between a man and woman can be laughed at today.

Why would Angelina Jolie make such a movie when she herself claims to care about the welfare of the world’s children? Doesn’t she care about the bad message this sends out OUR young people? It is offensive to me that the makers of this movie appear to think that the over the top violence by itself is a good thing and to be laughed at. I feel that they see the audience as idiots easily impressed with explosions and shooting who don’t care if the story makes sense. This seems to be yet another example of the dumbing down of America.
My Ratings: Extremely Offensive/1
Pam, age 45
Negative—My friend dragged me to this movie on opening night. 10 bucks later…(plus popcorn and sushi…) I’m not too happy. First, can we start with the movie itself? HORRIBLE. Brad Pitt is a lousy actor, and Angelina, well, she’s great but her talent is wasted with the lousy script and storyline. Just to warn, but this movie is way more violent than the previews make it seem. They kill people as if it’s nothing, which disgusted me; as far as I am concerned, there is way too much violence in the world and I do not want to pay money too see mindless gunshots mowing people down. Even though I usually don’t mind violence, (or at least I can handle it) this movie was horrible, both quality and morally.
My Ratings: Offensive/1½
Sarah, age 18
Negative—…Possibly should be R-RatedBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie top line the cinematic action/comedy about two assassins for hire who are married to one another without the other persons knowledge. Taking some excerpts directly from the fantastic action adventure “True Lies” starring the one and only Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Smith adds a twist—more comedy and a lot more tension between married husband and wife. Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Jane Smith are your stereotypical married couple who have their usual problems and headaches that are commonly associated with marriage. They even have the car with the Jesus fish on the back, a cross hanging from the rear view mirror and have matching sweat suits that say “Jesus Rocks” (Not meant as a rip of God, just innocent humor.)

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith” heats up when both assassins are unknowingly attempting to take out the same assailant. Hairs get crossed and guns start blazing at one another and the verbal bantering is nothing less than hysterical. The true battle does not lie within the guns, so the movie wants you to believe, but in what lies deeper within both Pitt and Jolie. Do they still love one another or do they not, are they after the ultimate kill (one another) or are they after restoration. This is where the movie kind of falls apart.

The chemistry between Pitt and Jolie is nothing less than great, the story is decently written and the movie’s pace is quick. However, there are many holes in the writing which leave you wanting more, leave you wanting closure, and leave you wanting a better ending. The beginning of the movie opens with a counseling session and ends the same way, but it takes a good 30 minutes for the movie to get started and then ends as quickly as you can say “Jack Rabbit” after one of the action sequences. Yet in the end of the movie with all of its flaws and cracks in the script, Mr and Mrs. Smith is a fun and enjoyable movie with plenty of action for the guy and enough romance for the girl. I enjoyed this movie for what it was, a movie that purposefully suspends belief and means for you to leave your brain at home and have a good time. However, for the following reasons I cannot recommend this movie.

WARNING: This movie is PG-13 but contains TONS of sensuality between Pitt and Jolie. OK, its just Jolie, but whose watching anyway. Mrs. Smith’s character is not clotheless at all, and there is not any sex in the movie, but Angelina Jolie oozes sensuality with every move she makes, the clothes she wears and every shot the camera wants you to see and doesn’t want you to see, and with her dialogue. It purposefully leaves lot for the imagination but gives you enough to play the temptress. I WOULD NOT recommend this movies for anyone UNDER 18 and would recommend people be very careful in recommending this movie. The dialogue in this movie is FILLED with sexual innuendos and double entendres. There is not very much foul language in the movie and there is not a whole lot of blood, but plenty of dead bodies and violence. 2-½ of 4 Stars.
My Ratings: Very Offensive/3
John Kehrli, age 31
Negative—I was out with a large group (15 or so) of Christian men who wanted to go see this piece of drivel. I verbally objected, but everyone else wanted to go (and I WAS driving the rented 15 passenger van), so I went. The movie was repugnant. The storyline was moronic; the acting was mediocre, and the violence was disgusting. In the past two years, I have moved farther and farther from my “Christian” brothers in beliefs, and this is a great example of why. Most of the guys didn’t think it was a good movie, but almost nobody else was disturbed by the violence like I was…
My Ratings: Very Offensive/1½
Chuck, age 31
Negative—No one has commented so far on some of the Christian references in this movie. Certain things make it seem like Mr. and Mrs. Smith were trying to pass themselves off as a Christian couple. For instance, watch the back of the van they are driving during the highway shootout near the end of the film—there is a fish applique on the back of the van with JESUS inside it, as well as a cross hanging from the rearview mirror. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are also wearing jackets that have a reference to Jesus on them when they meet his friend in a restaurant scene. I think this is after their house has been destroyed since they are together. And of course, during the early party scene with other couples, “Baby Baby” by Amy Grant is playing in the soundtrack.

But the whole message seemed to be hypocritical, judging by the violence they inflict on each other and the lives they lead.
My Ratings: Extremely Offensive/3
Drew Wanner, age 45
Negative—What an awful film. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse they stop fighting and then start getting it on… ew Fed up of both of them looking pouty; don’t waste your money
My Ratings: Offensive/3
Sam, age 35
Negative—I left 3/4 of the way into this movie. Several times I thought about leaving. The S&M scene I could have done without. The violence that took place between this “husband and wife” sends a very bad societal message. If children learn violence from watching it than what message gets sent to a society with plenty of domestic abuse in it. And lastly the passionate sexual scene just put me over the top. All messages that are grieving to our Father. Don’t see it. You’d be supporting garbage and Satan must be loving it.
My Ratings: Very Offensive/1
E. Sherwood, age 46
Negative—This was not a horrible movie, and it had its good points, but it is definitely NOT for kids, and I think it should have been rated R. How hypocritical of Hollywood to say that “The Passion of the Christ” was excessively violent and should have been NC17, when THIS was only given a PG-13! I found myself squirming a lot during the horribly violent scene (which ended with the two main characters having sex) in the middle of this film. And to the person who said the fish on “their” car and “their” matching jackets were just innocent jokes, you missed the point. The fish was on their NEIGHBOR’S car that they stole; the jackets belonged to their neighbors and I found them to be mocking toward Christians.

I also saw the humor in them driving the “fish” car as they were shooting it up with the people chasing them, but the jackets were over the top and ridiculed Christian people who wear Christian attire. Again, Christians are an easy mark to Hollywood types.
My Ratings: Very Offensive/3
Kris, age 45
Comments from young people
Positive—This was such a wonderful movie, …It mixed comedy and action all into one. It showed the modern day marriage and magnified the problems by 50 times. This isn’t meant to be a realistic movie…
My Ratings: Better than Average/5
Sara, age 18
Neutral—I had high hopes and low expectations for this movie. Its name is the same as a 90’s TV show about a pair of spies whose cover story was marriage, yet really knew nothing of each other. Yet after seeing some of the previews I saw the potential for an hour and a half to two hours of shooting with brief interludes of sex. To my relief it was not that bad, but it is PG-13 for a reason. Like a lot of movies lately it gives a false basis that marriages can be based on sex.

The characters were about what I had hoped, and dealt with ordinary and extraordinary. I particularly liked the exchanges between Pitt and Jolie as they try to work out their marriage, while being fired upon. My main complaint is the ending or lack thereof. The movie starts with great plot potential, half seen faces, video surveillance, etc. Yet nothing is resolved. (Spoiler warning) Killing around a hundred people does not let a couple spies off the hook. Organizations are larger than a couple squads of SWAT. Yet Mr. and Mrs. Smith kill their attackers and go back to living at the same address and seeing the same psychologist. Maybe I have seen one too many spy movies, but run away, confront those in charge, do something. I find it hard to believe any agency would let its top assassins go so easily.
My Ratings: Offensive/3
A.J., age 19
Positive—…definitely not a movie to take your younger children to. And I will concede that some of the moral principals in the movie are questionable. I don’t agree with the fact that they have sex the first night they meet. I think that the fight scene was a excessively violent. But I think that people are missing the bigger picture.

First of all the fact that they fight is started by accident. It is hard to say whether they would have actually tried to kill each other in the big fight scene if it hadn’t been for the accident (I won’t elaborate and spoil the movie).

But to me the much bigger meaning of the movie is redemption. Now granted they are still assassins, but that is not what I am trying to get at. The much bigger picture behind the movie is not them trying to kill each other, it is the redemption of their screwed up marriage. God is all about redemption and mercy. Even if they don’t accept Christ in the end, I think it is a good lesson for anybody that even if you are so p*ssed off at your spouse that you want to kill them (and try to), the relationship can still be worked out and redeemed.

As with most movies in Hollywood there are obviously parts that could be left out, but I think that the bigger picture of redemption in the movie supercedes the problems with it. Not to mention there is just some good action = D.
My Ratings: Better than Average/4
Matthew Tevebaugh, age 19
Neutral—I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith with my dad last night (it was on a whim) and I’ll tell you—it does a lot of things right, but it also does a lot of things wrong. I enjoyed the action, action, ACTION that the movie was loaded with (after all, I am 15.) While being fairly violent, it wasn’t abhorrent as some suggested (in my opinion, anyway.) The blood was minimal, which was a relief from movies like “The Matrix”, where blood abounded and brutal killings were the norm. Also, the Smiths, in the end of the movie, are able to put aside their differences and work together to bust thousands (exaggeration) of heads and save the day, though to be honest with you I cheered whenever Brad scored a painful-looking hit on Angelina, or whenever any of those goons got knocked off. Maybe I’m just a violent person.

What did the movie do wrong, though? Well, for one the music used in the movie just did not fit at all. “Express Yourself” (by NWA) is just not a good song for a fight scene. The final fight scene also committed this crime of “music that dosen’t fit the mood of the scene being played.” What was it supposed to be? Adrenaline pumping? Instead it was a soft, pseudo-relaxing piece that played amid all the goons being blasted into oblivion and such. Next, there’s the issue of how Brad and Angelina’s moods stay calm and collected throughout all the violence and killing, even when they’re trying to kill each other! If my wife was trying to kill me, I wouldn’t be calm, I’d be furious and eager to strike back!

Lastly, the jokes the movie made just were not funny, yet the whole audience thought it was hilarious. Not all of the jokes were dirty, but still, they just were not funny. If you really have to see the movie, wait until it comes out on DVD.
My Ratings: Average/3
Clay Waters, age 15
Positive—I though it was a FANTASTIC movie. There really wasn’t anything objectible to me except for the sex stuff but it never shows anything and the scenes are like a minute long. I also liked that it had some funny parts. If they didn’t have the comedy it still would have been good but the funny stuff made it even better. I would DEFINITELY recommend this movie to anyone 11 and older.
My Ratings: Better than Average/4
KG, age 14
Positive—I saw this movie yesterday with my girlfriend and I LOVED it! same with her! I thought I was gonna be surprised at all the sensuality the reviews said were in it but there wasn’t that much! I totally recommend this movie to kids from 13 and up!
My Ratings: Good/4
Matt, age 16
Positive—This movie was an average movie for a moral rating. I actually really enjoyed it though. It was funny and a good action. Though killing large numbers of people was shrugged off. In the first couple minutes they were already in bed together and had only met each other that day. The movie was extremely exciting, I was on the edge of my seat. I don’t expect the makers thought that this husband and wife relationship to be taken seriously. If they did, the abuse was totally objectionable. They were seriously trying to kill each other. I thought their loving talk in the midst of fighting was funny and cute. The 2nd sex scene didn’t really make sense. They were trying to kill each other and the next they were taking each other’s clothes off. Though it was very unbelievable and impossible I liked it very much. Overall, I thought it was a very entertaining movie. Hilarious and action packed. I don’t recommend it for pre-teen and younger though.
My Ratings: Better than Average/4
Malia, age 13
Positive—Mr. and Mrs. Smith looks awesome in the commercials and is truly an extravaganza in the movie business. I love shoot em’ up action shows and if you are like me and are obsessed with UZIS, ROCKET LAUNCHERS, and MP-5S, than this is the movie for you! Mr. and Mrs. Smith is filled with humor and violence. One thing I may suggest is that kids who are not aware of sex shouldn’t see this movie. Though there is only one true sexual scene, it is not appropriate for young children. Most of the sexual areas just imply that (SOMETHING HAPPENED THE NIGHT BEFORE).This movie is quite clean with language and really doesn’t have anything completely horrible. Sure the ruthless killings are violent, but many viewers don’t understand that the people who are killed are the prime targets for Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s missions, they don’t kill any ordinary citizens. I enjoyed this movie so much, and I hope you do to!
My Ratings: Average/5
Blake D., age 11
Movie Critics
…not funny, and I walked into the theater hoping the film would go places that weren’t hinted at in the previews. It did…
Adam R. Holz, Plugged In
…bad cross between “True Lies” and “Prizzi’s Honor” …we can’t relate to the characters, nobody’s trying to act and the undeveloped storyline makes “Get Smart” seem like a reality show…
Bill Muller, The Arizona Republic
…The stars shine, but the script is lackluster at best…
Eleanor Ringel Gillespie, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
…Pitt and Jolie have a blast, but Mr. and Mrs. Smith misfires…
Wesley Morris, Boston Globe
…an action comedy for suburban women that’s as toothless as a newborn, and nearly as stupid. It tries so hard to be cute that it practically drools on your shoulder…
Kyle Smith, New York Post