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MPA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPA) for sequences of intense action violence, some language and brief sexuality

Reviewed by: Sheri McMurray

Very Offensive
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Primary Audience:
Kids, Teens, Adults
Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Adaptation
1 hr. 28 min.
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USA Release:
February 14, 2008 (wide—3,350 theaters)
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Featuring Hayden Christensen
Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith

Jamie Bell, Rachel Bilson, Diane Lane, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Rooker, AnnaSophia Robb, Max Thieriot, Jesse James, Tom Hulce, Kristen Stewart, Teddy Dunn, Barbara Garrick, Michael Winther, Massimiliano Pazzaglia, Shawn Roberts, Nathalie Cox, Meredith Henderson, Damir Andrei, Tony Nappo, George King, Clark Beasley Jr., Simona Lisi, Matteo Carlomagno, Fabrizio Bucci, Giorgio Santangelo, Marcello Santoni, Franco Salvatore Di Stefano, Brad Borbridge, Angelo Lopez, Roberto Antonelli, Veronica Visentin, Christian Pikes, George Ghali, Ryny Gyto Ouk, Frantisek Jicha, Robin Zenker, Masahiro Kishibata, Sumiko Yamada, Tamaki Mihara, Mansaku Ikeuchi, Rolando Alvarez Giacoman, Adam Chuckryk, Jordan Gatto, Nicholas Kusiba, Ariel Lukane, Vanessa Reid, Stephen Whitehead, Mahmud Watts, Braden Munafo, Tamara Buchwald, Maia Smith, Valentino Visentini, John Baker, Josie Lau
Director Doug Liman
The Bourne Identity” (2002), “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (2005)
Producer Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, Regency Enterprises, New Regency Pictures (as New Regency), Hypnotic, Dune Entertainment, Epsilon Motion Pictures, Jumper Productions, Marc S. Fischer, Lucas Foster, Scott Gardenhour, Vince Gerardis, Jeffrey Harlacker, Joe Hartwick Jr., Simon Kinberg, Giovanni Lovatelli, Stacy Maes, Jay Sanders, Ralph Vicinanza, Philip Waley, Kim H. Winther
Distributor 20th Century Fox

from a novel by Steven Gould

“Anywhere is possible.”

On a snowy winter day, shy 15 year old David Rice finally musters up the nerve to approach the girl he has liked ever since he was five years old. He has bought a small gift for her and has wrapped it in the first thing he found lying around the house, old newspaper, tied it with string, and hopes she doesn’t notice what a hap hazard job he’s done. He hopes she sees the love from which the gift is being given.

Millie Harris is a petit, dark eyed beauty and looking into those eyes you can see she likes David too. She accepts the gift with sweet affection, a small snow globe, obviously second hand as the Eiffel Tower inside is chipped. He has taken note that Millie dreams of traveling to distant places, the Tower a secret nod that her dreams have not gone unnoticed. Their awkward shyness leaves them without much to say, but one can tell they have mountains of feelings piled up inside just waiting to burst forth.

Suddenly the school bully decides to intervene, snatches the delicate snow globe and throws it hurtling onto the thin sheet of ice covering a nearby pond. Embarrassed and not wanting the scores of school kids mulling around, and most of all Millie, thinking he’s a wimp, David stalks unflinchingly onto the cracking ice to retrieve the globe perched upon a puffy ice flaked pillow of snow.

As the thinning ice begins to split, Millie screams for David to not go after the treasure, knowing that it is a foolish thing to attempt. Knowing that there is no escape from the icy tomb of freezing water once the ice opens and the lake sucks him in. As the warning leaves her lips the weakened ice gives way with an ominous crack and David Rice is swallowed by the freezing lake and sucked kicking into what very well seems like the sluiced grave of certain death.

Little does David Rice know this is the first in a million escapes from a million places in a million situations for the rest of his life. David Rice is a Jumper.

Not a bad opening for this flick based on the novel Jumper by Steven Gould. But, unfortunately for the characters, the viewer and the movie “Jumper,” the rest of the film just doesn’t go anywhere.

It has all the right elements. The mysterious power David Rice (Hayden Christensen) suddenly finds himself with. The beautiful girl of David’s dreams, Millie Harris (Rachel Bilson) who gets suddenly caught up in the action and who’s life becomes endangered by David’s powers. The discovery of other Jumpers, and the comrade David finds in fellow Jumper Griffen (Jamie Bell) as they team up to fight the battle of their lives. This battle against the hunter villain, Roland (Samuel L. Jackson) known as a Paladin, who hunts Jumpers to kill them and rid the world of their presence.

I just never became involved with the characters. There were attempts at greatness with the story sending it’s main character jumping through worm holes from New York to London To Giza and Tokyo and the effects were eye catching. There were many grand visions, like David surfing one moment in Fiji, then the next perched atop the Sphinx in a lawn chair eating his lunch. But for all the action sequences and even some good acting, there was a missing element I believe best described as heart.

Even though this movie is rated PG-13, I recommend families not allow their young children, especially those under 13 to see this film. Here is a spoiler: There is a scene where Roland the Paladin captures a jumper, strings him up between some trees on electric tethers and shoots electricity through his brain. The jumper screams in agony. Then Roland takes a knife and stabs the jumper in the chest and twists it in while a close up of the jumper’s face is shown wrenching in the throws of death as he screams his last. There was a family sitting behind me who had children around 10 to twelve with them, and it broke my heart to listen to the little boy crying and asking his Mother to “stop it”… he couldn’t take the shock and realism of the scene. Even though it was short and no blood was shown, it was still a traumatic experience, even for me. I can only imagine how young children would take it.

There also are three uses of foul language including the f-word. There is a love scene where the main characters are shown kissing then lustfully taking off each others clothes and laughing, they fall into a bed in a motel. That is all that is shown, but I want to point out two things which concern me. One is that this film is rated PG-13 and that sex before marriage, and lust along with it, between two people who hardly know one another is portrayed as normal and right. Two is that the female character, although over 21, goes off half way around the world with a man she hardly knows without a second thought. She then proceeds to share his bed, in doing so she places herself in danger, nearly loosing her life. I understand this is a fictional story, but young girls will identify with the main female character and equate it as just fine to go off with, and make love with, a boy one hardly knows without understanding the consequences attached.

Also, it is treated as comical that David can jump in and out of bank vaults at will, stealing the money to live his life in luxury, never paying the price for the crime. He is shown as a spoiled, self-indulgent man in the beginning, and I got the feeling there was a half-hearted attempt at a lesson learned in the end. That lesson being: he has a responsibility to himself and to others because he has been endowed with his special power. There was a weak nod to the fact that David had learned this grave lesson and that he was beginning to see his powers have a high price in the end, but it just was so foggy that I know this lesson will go right over the heads of young kids who watch this movie.

To sum things up from a Christian perspective, what could have been a great super hero type movie in the same vein as Spiderman or Superman with many lessons on the value of true love, honor, self sacrifice, the evils of selfishness and greed, revenge and lawlessness,” Jumper” is a movie that fails us not for lack of substance, but for lack of continuity and style as well.

It never is made clear why David Rice has the ability to magically “Jump” in present time, from place to place around the world. While I was watching a million questions popped into my head that were never answered like where could a jumper actually jump? Can they merely look at a picture of a location and leap there, as was suggested, or do they have to physically visit a spot before teleporting to it? David mentions something about “jumping spots” he has created around Tokyo and other places, but the science behind the teleportation is never made clear. Why do Jumpers exist anyway? Where do they come from? Why do they need to be hunted and killed by Paladins? Who are Paladins, where did they start and who was the first one? How is it possible for David’s Mom to be one and have a “jumper” for a child?

Why does this movie make no sense? Why did it leave me flat even though the acting wasn’t half bad and the special effects were clever? Why can’t a wonderful actor, with such raw energy like Hayden Christensen get better parts?

Save this one to rent when it comes out on DVD, so you can at least sit with your over 16 aged kids and explain, explain, explain.

Violence: Heavy / Profanity: Mild / Sex/Nudity: Moderate

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Positive—It was entertaining. But the name of the Lord was used with vulgarity two times. There was a scene where the main character picks up a young woman at a the bar and sleeps with her, but part of the movie's point was that with money and everything the world thinks that it wants, is still not fulfilling. He does also sleep with the leading woman character also that he is not married to. He lives by stealing and the ending of the film basically condones it. Obviously, moral values were low, but entertaining and well made for a sci-fi type pick. Definitely not recommended for children or Christian teenagers.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 5
Heather, age 31
Positive—Have you ever wished, even for a moment, you could just rob a bank, steal a million bucks, and live a life of luxury instead of working your butt off and dealing with all the pains of life? That's what this movie is. A brief, glorious and fun look at that life. Unfortunately, both the fictional scenario above and the movie “Jumper” reflect that while that might work for a while, eventually it will catch up with you.

***Spoilers ahead*** David learns that the hard way, when an angry band finally catches up with him, apparently not appreciating his global burglaries. After running home when someone tries to kill him in his apartment, he impulsively takes his high school crush, now a grown woman, on a trip to Rome, only for her to end up in danger when the angry band kidnaps her. David grows up a bit, and promptly risks his life to get her out of the path he put her in. Does he repent of all his sins? No. He's a real person, sadly, not a comic book hero.
***end spoiler***

There is some objectionable content. Violence, some swearing, a man and woman kissing while one's in a bra and the other is shirtless… Overall, it's a very fun movie. It's not supposed to be some moral lesson, it's supposed to be a fun movie with a interesting story. And while it's not complete and has holes, the story keeps you watching. I recommend it.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 4
Andrew Benson, age 19 (USA)
Negative—This movie had some potential on an interesting premise but completely fails to deliver with it's uninspired characters and worldly views.
Jumper gives us the story about a guy (Hayden Christensen) who discovers he has the ability to teleport anywhere he wishes. Coming from a dysfunctional family where his mother left when he was five and his father (Michael Rooker) isn't much of a father, nor do we see much of him. After nearly dying, Christensen (I can't remember the character name), discovers his ability to teleport and leaves home. He then begins stealing from various banks in various countries, doing everything he wants when he wants and fornicating along the way. Obviously living the worlds dream of a perfect life. He then is discovered by a religious group of people set out to kill him and the other so-called “jumpers,” led by Samuel L. Jackson, who states a couple of times that 'only God should have the ability to be all places at all times'. Which is basically untrue because even though they can go anywhere, they aren't everywhere at the same time.
Yet again, the world shows us what it thinks of God's people, or “religious” people as the movie states. The religious people are yet again the unlikable bad guys. And the good guys are thieves. Another problem with this is that our main character here never pays the price for stealing. The moral issue is never dealt with and we only get to see him live the high life with the stolen money. We're supposed to believe that he's not really that bad because he leaves IOU's and notes in the bank vaults stating that he'll pay it back but he never does. Nor is he ever caught, so he gets away with everything.
If you thought Hayden Christensen’s acting was wooden in Star Wars, Jumper won't change your mind. His character has no personality whatsoever. He never reflects anything or gives us anything to identify with. He has somewhat of a relationship with a girl he knew from school, but after only a couple of scenes together, they fornicate because he takes her to Rome. She wants to travel and Rome was her most wished travel resort. Funny enough though, when the subject of her falling in love with him comes up, there's a bit of an awkward moment as they seemed to skip over that step before fornicating. She suspects he's not what he says he is but doesn't do anything about it. Even when she finds out what he is and what he's done, it's still not enough to keep her away. Samuel L. Jackson gives a very uninspired performance here too. We're not given anything about his character or history. But I guess that wouldn't have been a good idea as we're not supposed to understand or like him and his fellow “religious” believers who are only portrayed as killers. Typical.
Not even the action scenes can save this film for people who don't mind turning off their brains for some good action. The effects are so-so and there's nothing that'll surprise you or blow you away.
Language wise, I caught 1 f-word and a few s-words. I usually listen for such things and don't remember there being too much. But I believe 1 is too much so it just depends how closely you walk with the Lord and where your convictions are. I can only think, why not just cut them all out? If there is only a handful, what will it hurt? I mean, your going for a PG-13 rating anyway so why not? Oh well, that's Hollywood.
In the end, Jumper offers nothing. You'll find it really hard to like any of the characters, the story is a mess, the action is forgettable and once again, God's people are evil. I can't recommend it at all as I believe you'll only want your money and 2 hrs back afterward.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 4
Peter G Keller, age 32
Negative—The Reviewer above hit the nail on the head with this movie. It is a fresh, original idea which could have gone far, but the ball was dropped way short of the goal line. The movie starts in a promising way but then rambles and drags too much. There is also a definite attempt by the director/producer to attack Christians, or at least people of faith. The bad guys who try to kill Jumpers do so with the sole explanation that “only God should have this kind of power.” Of course, only God does have this kind of power, but if He were not the only one, there would be no reason to kill those who do have such power. This is just a blatant attack at people of faith when many other explanations for this murderous rage against Jumpers could have been offered, from envy to fear. Fortunately, the sex scene is brief. There is also one unexpected use of the “F” word and several other instances of bad language. And, as the reviewer stated, the main character robs from banks with no little or no remorse. The only person who says “there are always consequences” to such behavior is the bad guy! So, morality gets turned upside down somewhat.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 4½
David, age 45
Negative—The reviewer has done an excellent job of presenting an accurate picture of this movie. “Jumper” looks so good and says so little of meaning or value. It was so hard to like anyone in this story. Every main character was just plain disgusting. It was hard to care who won. And no one did, especially the people watching the movie.
From a Christian viewpoint, there is no reason to see this movie. There seems to be no remorse on the part of any of the characters for their bad behavior. Lots of bad messages. A woman who finds out her friend from the past is a crook, but decides to hang out with him anyhow. Another jumper who cares about no one but himself, about nothing but killing the enemy, the paladins. The main character has so little depth, just living the life of a playboy, caring about no one but himself.
My suggestion for any Christian considering this movie, be a good steward and give your money to a charity. That will make you feel a lot better about yourself than spending your time and money on “Jumper.”
My Ratings: Moral rating: Very Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 4½
Henry Skinner-larsen, age 55
Negative—While I wouldn't say this move was awful, it was more like a made for TV movie. I must disagree with Sheri McMurray’s opinion that the acting of Hayden Christensen was wonderful. I found him to be very stiff and unlikable. While the first half held promise, I was let down once the movie reached the point where David Rice went from age 15 to 23. Christians should be warned that the Paladins who hunt and kill Jumpers are portrayed as Christian zealots who were also responsible for the Crusades. The Samuel L. Jackson character states before he kills that only God can be all places. While I'm sure this is true to the book (which I have not read), I found it offensive as a Christian. What with the F-word mentioned and the impression of un-married sex, this movie really crosses the line PG-13 line and should be avoided by children. To top it off, the movie leaves several open ended storylines. It's obvious that the makers were setting us up for a sequel. Let's hope they never get that far.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 4
Jan, age 46
Negative—The film takes on the underlying theme of clerics (I hope I spelt that right) versus power-“gifted” humans. The power-gifted ones have the ability to transport anywhere they deem possible (like x-men's nightcrawler). The key re-iterated phrase if I remember it well comes from the lead cleric which goes, “Only god should have such power.” I stated “god” instead of “God” because I am not sure which God he is referring to, nevertheless the gifted “heroes” come out winning in the end.
It glorifies, stealing, promiscuity, dishonor for authority and that's on an obvious level. On a subconscious level, it provokes the audience to believe that we can have the power of God without reigns and discipline.
The movie's storyline is pretty okay, but it has a dull ending. But considering that the motive of the creators may have been more to provoke thought than to entertain is quite interesting. You see, much excitement in a movie keeps the focus away from what is truly being said or communicated, therefore anyone leaving the movie with the desire to be like the heroes (with power and without ethics) has fulfilled the devil's intent. LORD have mercy on us that we would pray for laborers and that we preach the Gospel.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3½
Christinmyheart, age 36
Negative—I should have come to this site and read the review before I wasted my time and money on this movie. I am however an easy mark for a sci-fi movie that even looks half good in the previews. This movie had great potential but suffers from a totally non-christian worldview that suggests that if something feels good and you can get away with it, then you should go for it, how foolish, moronic and spiritually bankrupt can you get? Very much so if your Hollywood, this movie continues the trend of our pop culture into casual sex, drugs, vulgarity, violence, corrupt communication and just about any other perverted twisted demonic situation the clueless writers and directors can slap together to suck up our bucks. Forgive me for sending them more of our Lord’s resources to perpetuate such meaningless garbage. Pray for me that I'll resist the temptation to see a movie before I come here and read the excellent reviews. God Bless.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Very Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 4
Joe Granitelli, age 53
Negative—I was very much excited to see the movie while watching the trailer, I thought this movie has a new and fresh ideas, and could bring the viewer imagination further with the plot. After seeing this movie, what I got is the opposite. I watched Hayden Christensen in The Shattered Glass and I was glad to see his acting was much better than he did in Star Wars, but his performance is going down again in this movie.

I think the main factor is the plot that does not go anywhere. The first few minutes, it is cool to see the jumper disappear and pop up somewhere, but it keeps repeating until you ask yourself what's in it and what's the point then…

While the plot could have been made smartly and challenging, it just simply underestimates its viewers intellectually, you just have to sit in the theater and absorb whatever the film gives you without asking why and put your intellect aside for a moment. The mental of the main character is so much annoying, he robs a bank, breaking in to the coliseum, and does many irresponsible acts. It makes you does not give sympathy over him, though he tries to convince the paladin (jumper hunters) many times that he is different.

I read about the possible sequel, let's hope Doug Liman will do better next time. I have not been satisfied with his films since The Bourne Identity.

My Ratings: Moral rating: Extremely Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 1½
Firdaus Lim, age 26
Negative—I'll admit, upon first seeing “Jumper,” I enjoyed it basically. Yes, the scenes of violence, especially when you see the paladin Roland, played by Samuel L. Jackson, kill the jumper hanging in the tree, were disturbing. And many good points have been made by others as to the lack of morals being displayed in this film (stealing, sex, no consequences, etc.). But after thinking about the movie more, it struck me how much it was against believers in general. As has been pointed out, there were references to the fact that only God should have such powers, but it was more than that. The paladins were referred to as religious fanatics at one point. The whole idea of people trying to bring justice to others who were breaking the law was played as a bad thing. And there was a scene where the main character was watching a news broadcast about a flood where people were in terrible trouble. The news broadcaster even says that it would take a miracle to save them. Instead of doing anything to help, the main character makes a point of turning his back on the broadcast. It was an obvious display of being completely hard-hearted and self-centered. And this was the “hero” of the story. Satan is doing a very good job of setting God up as the “bad guy” in the minds of so many unsuspecting people out there. There have been a lot of movies over the years with this sort of message, but I am becoming quite disturbed as to how the number of these types of films, books, and shows has increased even more in the last few years. I can't deny that I enjoy movies a lot, and will continue to do so, but I do believe that I will be more aware of what I, and my children, watch. “Jumper” is an entertaining film, could have been explained a little better, but the special effects were fun. Yet, I must agree that as a parent, you should see it before allowing your kids to. Make your own judgments first.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Very Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3½
Jodi Brammann, age 41
Neutral—So after seeing the trailer for this movie, I was SO excited to go see it with my dad! Well, we went to see it today and it was alright. The concept of the story was really good and the action was awesome too! But there was a little sexuality in it (implied scene and a scene where boy and girl strip down to underwear, then nothing else is shown). There is also a little language. The quality of the movie, the way it was made was also very good. But the movie overall just didn't impress like I thought it would. Overall, it was just okay. Its not one of those movies where you are like 'oh my goodness, got to see that again.'
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 4
Emily V, age 18
Neutral—This film was not very entertaining. Concepts were taken from previous movies and rolled in one. Acting was boring. I noticed a obscene gesture made and reference to fornication. I seen Star Wars and the matrix and x-men from which this movie was taken. Disregard for human life as this was the eternalized witch hunt. Of coarse back when people were murdered because they were thought to be witches and most never practiced it. The so called righteous killing off the evil sinners. This in my opinion wasn't worth the money to see it.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 3
Doug Bair, age 55
Neutral—I agree with the review. This was an excellent idea for a film, but could have done much better. The effects in the film are excellent and a unique plot sets it up for (2 more?) films.
The implied partial sex scene was completely carnal—showing no moral principles at all (i.e. you want to—so just do it). And this pervaded the movie in terms of moral choices (stealing etc). I also counted at least five counts of swearing. Not suitable for younger children—even though the censors think so!

My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 3½
Gideon Cresswell, age 29
Comments from young people
Neutral—Relatively good movie one brief inappropriate scene and somewhat harsh language but other than that good move.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3½
Evan, age 15
Neutral—We saw this film with our church youth group last Sunday afternoon and thought that the plot was somewhat questionable but the special effects were most pleasing. As a Christian, the movie had no biblical references and was not Christ centered. However, the film explored the concepts between good and evil which is important but it didn't necessarily portray the biblical view.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 4
Joshua Ansell, age 15
Movie Critics
…goes nowhere. Fast. … All the state-of-the-art visual effects in the world can't compensate for spotty plotting and bland characters that prevent an intriguing premise from going the distance. …
Michael Rechtshaffen, The Hollywood Reporter
…Slick but extremely slim… a serviceable sci-fi thriller/videogame template that plays like ‘The Matrix Lite’ and, finally, isn't nearly as cool as its trailer…
Brian Lowry, Variety
…Geared toward a youthful audience by its pounding score that will no doubt sell a bunch of CDs, the intriguing premise goes the way of spirited action adventure rather than dramatic metaphor. …
Phil Boatwright, Preview Family Movie and TV Review