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Overboard also known as “Pela Borda Fora,” “¡Hombre al agua!,” “I ze ci nie odpuszcze,” “Moj lazni moz,” “Moj lažni muž,” “Átejtve,” «За бортом», «Зад борда»

MPAA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPAA) for suggestive material, partial nudity and some language.

Reviewed by: Maggie Hays

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
• Young Adults • Adults
Romance Comedy Reimagining
1 hr. 52 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
May 4, 2018 (wide—1623 theaters)
DVD: July 31, 2018
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Featuring: Anna FarisKate
Eva LongoriaTheresa
Eugenio Derbez … Leonardo
Emily Maddison … Amanda
Swoosie Kurtz … Grace
John Hannah … Colin
Josh Segarra … Jason
Celeste Ziegler … Gorgeous Woman
Mel Rodriguez … Bobby
Cynthia Mendez … Lucia
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Director: Bob Fisher—“Wedding Crashers” (2005), “We're the Millers” (2013)
Rob Greenberg
Producer: Pantelion Films
3Pas Studios
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“A riches to rags story. If only he could remember it.”

If you’ve seen the 1987 Goldie Hawn version of “Overboard,” you pretty much know what to expect in this 2018 version. The story doesn’t change much, except that the Goldie Hawn character—Annie—is now written as a man whose name is Leo. Leo is a spoiled, self-centered, mega rich playboy. He falls off his sixty-million-dollar yacht and washes ashore suffering from amnesia. He had treated his poor cleaning gal, Kate, very badly. Kate is a single mom trying desperately to pass her nursing exam so that she can quit her three menial jobs and give her family a better life. Kate has just received an eviction notice, and when she sees Leo’s photo and learns of his amnesia, she seizes an opportunity to benefit from his bad luck. Kate convinces Leo that he is her husband, and Leo gets all kinds of “house-husband” duties assigned to him, plus he even gets to work a construction job.

The first half of the movie is poorly done and inane. The characters are more like caricatures. It is as if the producers asked, “How badly can we portray Leo’s wasted hedonistic life…. Let’s make him so excessively decadent that he is unbelievable.” It is like watching old time burlesque. Leo’s constant drinking, ogling girls in scant bikinis, and his childish demeanor is actually boring junior-high-locker-room behavior. Kate’s frenetic stressed-out life is just as overdone, as she drives her three daughters home from school while delivering pizzas on the way, and fighting with her mom on the phone. The supposed humor and dialog are forced and fall flat.

However, once the film shifts into its second half, a charming kind of sweetness settles in. Leo begins to shape up, Kate’s family begins to like him, and the movie takes on a different, relaxing tone. At this point, the story becomes more enjoyable and even has a few funny moments.

OBJECTIONABLE LANGUAGE—Way too much. Three times the f-word is used, but bleeped out. There are about a dozen uses of the word “sh*t,” God’s Name is profaned at least a dozen times, such as “Oh my G*d”, “Oh, G*d, no,” “G*d-awful,” etc. We hear “h*ll” about five times, the word “a*s” is creatively used in several forms about 15 times, including “a*sshole”, “kiss my a*s”, etc. Kate refers to a man as “the Devil.” The slang word “horny” is used once, as well as “pr*ck,” “sex addict,” “sex-crazed,” “orgy,” and “bimbos.” However, what bothers me the most is how the word “Holy” is linked to unholy things, such as “Holy Cr*p”, “Holy Sh*t,” and so on. We serve a Holy God. Attaching the word “Holy” to profane and common words is an awful thing to do. Webster defines “holy” as “exalted or worthy of complete devotion.” The word “holy” should not be taken lightly, especially to provide comic relief.

VIOLENT CONTENT—There are no fist fights in this film. However, there is “verbal violence.” Kate yells at her mom several times. Two sisters say mean things to each other. There are several instances where characters are cutting each other down and loudly arguing. Colossians 4:6 says, “Let your conversation be gracious…”. When I’m view a film where there is a lot of arguing and yelling, especially between family members, I cringe when I see kids in the theater—taking it all in. Our culture is so profane and hateful, permitting children to view verbal confrontations like we see in entertainment will not foster grace-filled speech in them nor gracious attitudes that our so society desperately needs.

DISTURBING IMAGES—Lots of young women cavort in scant bikinis. Leo and “the girls” dance around in their skimpy swim suits while squealing stupidly with drinks sloshing in their hands. Leo’s bare behind is on display several times. Several frivolous scenes depict a debauched lifestyle. Many show materialistic excess, such as a huge yacht, flowing champagne, and extravagant wealth.

SEX—Leo is in bed with women a few times, though sex is implied, not graphic. He mentions that his “condom drawer is empty.” A couple scenes show prolonged kissing between a man and woman. We see Leo gleefully discover where he lost his strip of condoms, as if he has discovered a golden fleece.

MORALITY ISSUES—Kate lies to Leo about being his wife. She pulls in her three young daughters as accomplices to the lie. Her friends support her in the lie. She takes advantage of Leo’s amnesia to make him work around the house, get a job to support her, and keep his true identity from him. Every time Leo asks a question about their life, Kate comes up with another lie. The lies in this movie stack up like cord wood. Yet, Kate never seems to experience consequences for her untruthful behavior. Actually, there are several incidents of liars and lying in the film, and only one character really suffers any negative consequences for her lying. That’s a terrible example for young kids, i.e., “lie your lips off and you still can have pretty much everything you want in the end.”

“Overboard” isn’t a horrible movie, but it’s not a good one either. There are lots of words and immoral behaviors that you don’t want your kids to pick up. These unacceptable behaviors should be discussed, though, with teens who may see this film. The movie is not appropriate for kids younger than 12; it’s not a family flick. It’s supposed to be a comedy, but it really isn’t very funny. There is some entertainment value to it, though, if you’re mature and only looking for “brain-fluff.”

  • Violence: Mild
  • Profane language: Moderately Heavy
  • Vulgar/Crude language: Moderately Heavy
  • Nudity: Moderate
  • Sex: Moderate
  • Occult: None

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Positive—A good remake, however, as with all modern movies, Hollywood decided it needed some gratuitous and completely unnecessary language and flesh. Not bad by today's standards, but still cringe-worthy. One of the several positive aspects is the (spoiler alert) transformation of a self-absorbed spoiled playboy into a hard-working family man. Another aspect is how he becomes a protector of women instead of a philanderer and chooses a family relationship over a vacuous superficial life.

This is a teen and young adult movie, I can't see children following or enjoying it, however, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probably go see it again in the future. This movie does offer some very good lessons for good conversations with younger viewers.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3
Dennis, age 64 (USA)
Negative—I was hoping this would be a solid remake of the previous Kurt Russell—Goldie Hawn movie—very disappointed.

OK, the basis of the story isn’t ethical to start with—the bad guy (Leonardo) is really mean/awful to Kate and when he has amnesia, she tricks him into believing he is her husband (and father to three daughters).

Troubling issues:
1. Nudity—we all didn’t need to see Leonardo’s bare backside.

2. Kate and Leonardo sleep together—obviously he thinks they’re married—but they’re not. Thankfully, no visuals.

3. Leonardo is a person pretty free with his hedonistic lifestyle—looking for rolls of condoms as a joke—and a later scene of finding condoms in a car. Did not need to have condoms (and what they represent) as part of the plot.

All in all—few cute scenes—I personally like when a character “grows” and think the actor playing Leonardo did a pretty good job as the character changed from a playboy to a working Dad. Unfortunately too may sex jokes and visuals really highlighted the adultery in the story and made it unacceptable.

As a Christian, I could not recommend the movie to any age. It should be avoided.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Very Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 4
Casey S, age 52 (USA)

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