60 minutes
Age Level:
Middle School to Adult

The Gathering

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from the award-winning creators of ESCAPE FROM HELL and FINAL EXIT comes

a powerful film about the “second coming” of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is coming…
   …is he coming for you?

Michael Carrey’s world turns upside down when the successful marketing executive catches a glimpse of the near future. These visions could not come at a worse time for his marriage, his job or his friendships. Michael struggles to understand the meaning of the messages and must convince his loved ones that Jesus will soon return.

Who will listen before it is too late? Who will heed the warning? State of the art special effects captures the drama of the Rapture in this ultimate End Times story.

This spectacular movie will have you and those you love asking whether you are ready for Christ’s return.

The most powerful End Times film in recent decades! Superb acting and high-quality technical style won’t leave you embarrassed to show this to friends and family. A strong evangelistic message throughout.

From DRC Productions