Cover of REVELATION (Apocalypse II)


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Tony Nappo
In the virtual world, Willy (Tony Nappo) can slice his chest open, but feels no pain. Is it a new heaven or part of the most clever con game in history?

The total budget for REVELATION was over $5 million (enormous by Christian film production standards) and was shot on 35mm feature film (rather than 16mm film or video). It is the most ambitious Christian film project ever undertaken. “This is a great budget level for any independent film,” says producer Peter LaLonde. “It’s five times more than we had for Apocalypse. Hollywood actors Jeff Fahey, Nick Mancuso and Carol Alt play lead roles, while acclaimed cinematographer George Tirl (a commited Christian) shared his talents as the Director of Photography. He received an Academy Award Nomination for his work on Metamorphosis.

The film boasts dozens of major locations and dramatic action sequences that took months of planning and preparation.

Jeff Fahey (Thorold Stone in REVELATION)Jeff Fahey, best known for The Lawnmower Man, Silverado and the TV series, The Marshall says “the time is right for a film like this. I loved the script as soon as I read it. I knew immediately that they had brought the subject matter into the mainstream.”

Nick Mancuso (Franco Macalusso in REVELATION) Hollywood veteran Nick Mancuso, who has starred in over 50 films, play the role of the antichrist. For him, the challenge lay in “bringing a sense of reality and wonder to this larger than life character. It would be easy to play him like a dictator, but I wanted the audience to see his connection with the very heart of humanity.” Nick has starred in such productions as Past Perfect, Under Siege, and Stingray.

Carol Alt (Cindy in REVELATION) Carol Alt plays the role of a blind cynic. To portray the role with authenticity, Alt spent time at the Los Angeles Institute for the Blind. The supermodel, turned acturess was drawn to the character she plays. “Cindy is a very clever modern day version of Eve. Through her, we understand the power of the deception and why the forbidden fruit was so tempting.”

One of the reasons that such an expensive project was possible was because of a partnership between three prophetic ministries. This Week in Bible Prophecy, Jack Van Impe Ministries and John Hagee Ministries all made signficant contributions. Almost 1,000 people were involved in the production in one way or another over the year long process.