Cover of REVELATION (Apocalypse II)
97 minutes
Age Level:
Middle School to Adult

Revelation Revelation …the Book has been opened

the sequel to “Apocalypse”

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Starring Jeff Fahey, Nick Mancuso and Carol Alt


This entertaining, Christian motion picture encourages the believer and challenges the skeptic. The production quality and acting are very good.


In the movie “Apocalypse,” the unthinkable had happened. 187-million people simply vanished off the face of the earth. The world was forever changed and the reign of the Messiah had begun. Or so it seemed…

Now, in this stunning sequel, three months have passed. Counter-terrorism expert Tharold Stone (Jeff Fahey) is still trying to put the pieces of his life together. His wife and daughter were among those who vanished. Why them?

And now, in the course of his investigation of an underground resistance movement, he discovers a conspiracy that leads right to the heart of the new global order. Would a true Messiah (Nick Mancuso) lie? And if he is not the true Messiah… just who is this new Supreme Leader and what has he done with Stone’s family?

With the aid of a band of underground Christians, led by Helen Hannah (Leigh Lewis), a computer geek (Tony Nappo) and beautiful blind cynic (Carol Alt), Stone find himself in a race against time. The World Government of One Nation Earth (O.N.E.) is distributing virtual headsets to everyone on earth. What are they? What will happen when the world puts them on at noon on the “Messiah’s Day of Wonders”?

As the investigation continues, Stone discovers a sinister plot, a plot that only he can stop. But to do so, he must first decide in what, and whom, he believes. And with eternity and millions of souls at stake, the breathtaking and inspiring climax will challenge every viewer to examine their own place in the epic battle of good and evil that already rages in our day!


(Produced by PPI)


"The movie was just fantastic. I enjoyed it thoroughly."
—Ted Baehr, Movieguide

"I just showed Revelation to our office staff. Then I took it home and watched it again. It was amazingly good! It is true to Biblical prophecy, yet it uses the richest imagination possible to bring to life the rapidly expanding technology which will undoubtedly be used during the Tribulation. The forces of good and evil stand in stark contrast, and the difficult decisions people must make was portrayed most powerfully. The acting, photography, and special effects were outstanding. It was honestly the most interesting and absorbing movie about prophecy I have ever seen. Congratulations on setting a new standard of excellence."
—Rev. Ron Graff, Alto Loma Brethern Church in Christ

"I told you I loved REVELATION, the script. I loved it even more on screen. I found Revelation great story-telling, steady drama, strong suspense, good acting, good direction, good photography and — characteristic of your material — a powerful communication of the gospel in contrast to alien religious notions. It holds your attention, draws you into the conflict, and captures the essence of Great Tribulation realities in a more compelling and creative way than any 'end-times' film I’ve seen."
—Larry Poland, President of MasterMedia International

"The best end-times video I have ever watched. This video has set a new standard for end-time video’s and Christian video in general. I may watch it again this evening and again tomorrow."
—Review from Prophezine Web site