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on the origin of species

Science has discovered no scientific proof that animals or plants can truly Evolve.

The best established facts of genetics, biology, and botany studies do not favor Evolutionism.

Origin of Species—Introduction



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What are the Genesis “kinds”? 答案
Dr. Wayne Frair's excellent invited paper in the September 2000 CRSQ “Barminology—Classification of Created Organisms”.

Why do flightless birds have wings? 答案

Can genetic mutations produce positive changes in living creatures? 答案
Are mutations responsible for evolution from amoeba to man? (evolutionism and the blind watchmaker)

Where did cancer come from? 答案
A Christian doctor of pathology discusses the true nature of cancer and its fascinating connection to the Edenic curse which followed Adam and Eve's sin.

CHARLES DARWIN—Was he a Christian? Did he believe in God? Did he recant evolutionism when he died? 答案

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