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Fast facts on the fossil record

  • All the different kinds of animals appear abruptly and fully functional in the strata with no proof of macroevolutionary ancestors. At the very least, this is a strong indication that not all life evolved from a common ancestor.
  • There is no scientific proof that life has evolved.
  • Although scientists will continue to discover new varieties of fossil animals and plants, it is generally agreed that the millions of fossils already discovered and the sediments already explored provide a generally reliable indication of which way the evidence is going. That is, there will continue to be little or no fossil evidence found to support Evolutionism.
  • Most fossil animals and plants were buried in water-laid sediments.
  • There is no scientific proof that the fossils, the coal, or the Earth are billions of years old.
  • There is increasing evidence that many sedimentary rocks, which some thought took thousands or millions of years to accumulate, almost certainly were deposited in only months, days, or hours.
  • In almost all cases, the very existence of the fossils, in the types and numbers discovered, strongly indicates catastrophic conditions were involved in the burial and preservation of these animal and plant remains. Without such conditions, there seems to be no plausible way to explain their existence.
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The Fossil Record
Evolutionists and Creationists interpret some fossil remains in markedly different ways. Are fossils the world’s best evidence for Evolution, or the best case against Evolution?
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