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Hebrew: אָהֱלִיבָמָה —transliteration: Oholibamah or Oholivama —meaning: “tent of the height”; “tent of the high place”

also known as: Aholiamah and Oholibamah and Judith

This is the name of a woman, an area and a man.

  1. Aholibamah (aka Oholibamah), wife of Esau, patriarch of the Edomites

    This is the original name of Judith, the daughter of Beeri (aka Anah) (Genesis 26:34; 36:2), when she became the wife of Esau. At the time of this marriage, Esau was 40 years old (Gen. 26:34). Their union “brought grief to Isaac and Rebekah” (Gen. 26:34-35), his parents.

    Through this marriage, she became a matriarch from whom descended three tribes of Edomites, founded by her three sons.


    Also see: Judith

  2. Aholibamah, an area in Edom

    This is a district among the mountains of Edom, probably near Mount Hor, was either named for Esau’s wife, or it may be that she received her name from the district.

  3. Oholibamah (Aholiamah), an Edomite chief

    Genesis 36:41; 1 Chronicles 1:52

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