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Meaning: rough; hairy

Seir was the name of two mountain ranges and one biblical man:

  1. A Horite; one of the “dukes” of Edom (Genesis 36:20-30).

  2. The name of a mountainous region occupied by the Edomites, extending along the eastern side of the Arabah from the southeastern extremity of the Dead Sea to near the Akabah, or the eastern branch of the Red Sea. It was originally occupied by the Horites (Genesis 14:6), who were afterwards driven out by the Edomites (Genesis 32:3; 33:14, 16). It was allotted to the descendants of Esau (Deuteronomy 2:4, 22; Joshua 24:4; 2 Chronicles 20:10; Isaiah 21:11; Ezek. 25:8).

  3. A mountain range (not the Edomite range, Genesis 32:3) lying between the Wady Aly and the Wady Ghurab (Joshua 15:10).