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Hebrew: דֹתָן‎

Meaning: two wells

Site of ancient Dothan—satellite view

This is a famous pasture-ground and city where Joseph, the son of Jacob/Israel, found his brothers watching their flocks.

Dothan is first mentioned in Genesis 37:17.

Here, at the suggestion of Judah, they sold Joseph to Ishmaelite merchants (Genesis 37:17).

Dothan is mentioned on monuments dating from 1600 B.C.

It was the residence of Elisha (2 Kings 6:13), and the scene of a remarkable vision of chariots and horses of fire surrounding the mountain on which the city stood.

The “two wells” are still in existence, one of which bears the name of the “pit of Joseph” (Jubb Yusuf).


The ancient city of Dothan was excavated and thoroughly studied by Bible archaeologist Dr. Joseph Free of Wheaton College.

The site is called Tell-Dothan (Tel Dotan), located on the south side of the plain of Jezreel, about 12 miles north of Samaria, among the hills of Gilboa.