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Meaning: A hole, as of a viper or a cavern, etc.; noble; splendor; white.

This name appears 16 times in 16 verses in the Bible.

  1. Hur, a son of Caleb (1 Chronicles 2:19, 50; 4:1, 4; compare 2 Chronicles 1:5)

    He was the grandfather Bezaleel (Exodus 31:2; 35:30; 1 Chronicles 2:19) (son of Uri), the artisan in charge of the tabernacle’s construction (Exodus 38:22; 1 Chronicles 2:19, 50; 2 Chronicles 1:5).

  2. Hur, the husband of Miriam, Moses’ sister (Exodus 17:10-12)

    He and Aaron were in charge of the people when Moses was absent on Mt. Sinai (Exodus 24:14). Inorder to defeat the soliders of Amalek during a battle, he held up one of Moses' hands at Rephidim (Exodus 17:10-12).

  3. Hur, 1 of 5 princes/kings of Midian who were defeated and slain by the Israelites under the command of Phinehas (Numbers 31:8; Joshua 13:21)

    The other kings were Evi, Rekem, Zur, and Reba.

  4. Hur, father of Ben-Hur (1 Kings 4:8)

  5. Hur, a son of Judah

  6. Hur, the father of Rephaiah, one of the men in Nehemiah’s time who assisted in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 3:9)

    His son Rephaiah was ruler of half of Jerusalem.

Author: Paul S. Taylor.