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Hebrew: חוּר —transliteration: Chur

Meaning: a hole, as of a viper hole or a cavern, etc.; noble; splendor; white

This name appears 15 times in 15 verses in the Bible.

  1. Hur ben Caleb

    This Hur is a son of Caleb (1 Chronicles 2:19; 2:50; 4:1; 4:4; compare 2 Chronicles 1:5).

    He is a grandfather Bezaleel (Exodus 31:2; 35:30; 1 Chronicles 2:19) (son of Uri), the artisan in charge of the Tabernacle’s construction (Exodus 38:22; 1 Chronicles 2:19; 2:50; 2 Chronicles 1:5).

  2. Hur, brother-in-law of Moses

    This Hur is the husband of Miriam, Moses’ sister (Exodus 17:10-12).

    He and Aaron were in charge of the people when Moses was absent on Mt. Sinai (Exodus 24:14).

    Inorder to defeat the soliders of Amalek during a battle, he held up one of Moses’ hands at Rephidim (Exodus 17:10-12).

  3. Prince Hur, a Midianite

    This Hur is 1 of 5 princes/kings of Midian who were defeated and slain by the Israelites under the command of Phinehas (Numbers 31:8; Joshua 13:21).

    The other kings were Evi, Rekem, Zur, and Reba.

  4. Hur, father of Ben-Hur—one of King Solomon’s leaders

    See: 1 Kings 4:8 and Ben-Hur

  5. Hur ben Judah

    This Hur is a son of Judah.

  6. Hur, father of the leader Rephaiah

    This Hur is one of the men in Nehemiah’s time who assisted in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 3:9).

    His son Rephaiah was ruler of half of Jerusalem.

Author: Paul S. Taylor.

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Article Version: July 27, 2021