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also known as: Kirja-thaim and Kiryathaim

Hebrew: קֵרְיָתַיִם —transliteration: Qiryathayim —meaning: two cities; a double city

This is the name of 2 biblical places…

  1. Kirjathaim, a city of refuge

    This Levitical city of refuge was located within the tribal land of Naphtali (1 Chronicles 6:76).

  2. Kirjathaim, a city of Moab

    also known as: Ataroth

    It was located east of the Jordan, and was an ancient city of the Emims (Genesis 14:5; Deuteronomy 2:9-10) inhabited by Moabites (land of Moab), and later by Amorites, and eventually Israelites.

    In the time of Ezekiel (Ezekiel 25:9) it was one of the 4 cities which formed the “glory of Moab” (compare Jeremiah 48:1; 48:23).

    It has been identified with el-Kureiyat, 11 miles southwest of Medeba, on the south slope of Jebel Attarus, the ancient Ataroth.

Article Version: August 25, 2021